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Hi Deon,

One of the last photos I have taken in SA before landing in Canada happened to be in the Eastern Cape - and it included some of those distinctive "koppies" with their flat tops.


And then just over two weeks later, this was my first photo taken on Canadian soil in Toronto:


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Matisse - I took this photo on our way from Port Elizabeth to Bloemfontein, I think it was on the other side of Colesberg,more towards Bloemfontein.What a contrast between the two photos !



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Matisse, daai foto wat jy in die Oos-Kaap geneem het kan jy gerus vergroot en raam! Dis ongelooflik mooi en sooooooo mistroostig in vergelyking met die prentjie daaronder........ . Jy het my nou sommer depressief! Gelukkig bly ek self hier in 'n mooi deel van Ontario - uit in die platteland en dit doen my siel ongelooflik goed om uit die stad te wees. Vanoggend toe my man die vullisblikke afry na die plaashek toe, toe hol daar 5 white tail deer deur die lusernlande hier teenaan ons huis by hom verby! By my pond is daar noual vir 3 dae 'n grys reier wat op presies dieselfde plek bly staan en kyk na die water. Ek is amper te bang om soontoe te stap, want ek wil SO graag he hulle moet net hierso bly.

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I think that's Cole's Kop you have there ( seen partly from the north...it is more steep on the south). However, if you were going north, you are standing on the wrong side of the road!!...Cole's Kop is west of the road. It still looks too flat to me, though....Cole's kop is really seriously steep. Take a look at it on Google Earth, just northwest of Colesberg ( After which berg the town is named)

I think Matisse has Teebus & Koffiebus east of Middelburg Cape, near Steynsburg, but I may be wrong. There are more of those paired mesas near Three Sisters outside Beafort West, and also in the northwest Karoo, going south from Kenhardt...though the famous one there is called P#amberg! :P

Sorry , man...the Karoo boere are very direct.

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Harry - 100 % for your geography.That is indeed Cole's Kop. I,m the "koolkop"

I saw the most beautiful,big white flowers on my way to work this morning.

Will capture them this afternoon and post them Monday,as I have no idea what they are.

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I think Matisse has Teebus & Koffiebus east of Middelburg Cape, near Steynsburg, but I may be wrong.

Close Harry! The photo was taken on the road between Hofmeyr and Cradock.

Here is another photo for those from the Eastern Cape. It was taken during that same trip on the road between Bedford and Grahamstown. Bedford is situated at the foot of that mountain range.

Anyone knows the name of that mountain range?


PS: I have reduced the size of the photo in accordance with Hendie's instructions, but now its almost too small to see! I guess its time to find the magnifying glass. :P

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1. Glad to hear my nose for SA geography is still OK. Take a look here to see a painting of Teebus and Koffiebus. Of course, Pierneef also did them. Formally they are between Hofmeyer and Steynsburg. That is the territory my mother comes from: Middelburg-Hofmeyr-Steynsburg-Molteno: The Stormberg

2. The Winterberg ( the mountains at Bedford in your picture) are quite distinctive with that middle hard striation rock formation that you see ( probably an earlier level ground area that eroded). The phenomenon starts just east of Pearston ( at the western end), goes past Somerset-East to Cookhouse-Bedford-Adelaide all the way to Hogsback.

It never ceased to amaze me that Transvalers had no clue of the beauty of that part of the world. I never met a single person in my 19 years in Pretoria who knew where Hogsback was.

I once came down the R67, from Queenstown to Seymour, on the way to Fort Beaufort (SA's Extraterrestrial-capital: as far as I know a Fort Beaufort Boer is the only human on Earth to have ever fired his rifle at a supposed UFO!!...hulle moenie met die Boere neuk nie!!). On top of that mountain we drove through snow and fog, with cows clanging cowbells in the fog. A few minutes later we were going down the slope and we had a flight of semi-tropical grey hornbills!! There are also Samango Monkeys there. Those parts have the only other bit of temperate forest in Africa south of the Sahara besides Knysna, which everyone knows.

I love that part of the world. As wet as that area is, so dry that R350 becomes by the time you get to Carlisle Bridge...just euphorbia and spekboom in the rain shadow of the Zuurberg..especially if you take the gravel road to Riebeeck-East, where Piet Retief's farm still is.

3. If you make your pictures 800X600( large), or 640X480(smaller) they should be just fine. If you go over 800 in the horisontal direction, you screw up people's monitors and the picture goes off the display...not fun and not nice.

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Yours is a little small I agree, only 240 pixels wide. I suggested 640 x 480, which I think is quite a decent size for online viewing. :P

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