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Took this pic in Budapest, signboard advertising a restaraunt. Name of the place is "Fatal", just seemed hilarious to me. Found out later that the name refers to a type of wooden platter.


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I certainly know of one or two restaurants where it would have been fatal! :lol:

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Hi All Immigrants,

Other than my other interests, I also have had a long interest in history - if only because nobody ever learns from it !

We went for two weeks to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia - lot of Canadian history there. It was also nice to see the Atlantic ocean again, a much wilder beast than the pacific ocean.

I can highly recommend the Pier 21 Museum/Interprative centre in Halifax, which was an important immigration processing centre when immigrants arrived by boat.

The history has been presented in a sensitive manner and it was easy to understand the angst, mixed emotions and expectations of the new immigrants to a strange country. Many recollections of past immigrants have been videotaped and can be viewed.

What stayed with me however was this message:


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