Pregnant after getting PR


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Hi Everyone,

We received our PR at the start of 2020 and activated in July 2020. With all the covid-craziness we decided to stay at our current jobs (in Seychelles). We are planning on settling permanently in Calgary towards the middle-end of 2022. Now for the curveball... I recently found out that I'm pregnant. Since we don't live in SA and considering our occupations, doing the child-sponsorship option is not really feasible for us and we're not keen on spending up to 2 months apart for this process. But we are also not able to move over now to have the baby in Canada due to ongoing training and responsibilities with our current employers. So our other option is going over temporarily and then coming back here until we can move over permanently.

I've been looking at registering for Alberta Health, but seems you have to prove that you're a resident by giving some form of proof of address.

Is there anyone here who was in a similar position and went to Canada specifically just to have a baby without staying there permanently afterwards?

Hoping someone here had a similar situation and can give some insights!

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