Passport renewal Toronto 2021


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Hi all,

After two long years of attempts to get into Canada through PR and PNP draws, I eventually made it into Toronto last week as an international student! My passport expires in June 2023, but I would like to apply for a new one now, in order to be able to submit my application for a PGWP in August 2022, once my studies are over. The PGWP is only valid for the length of the passport's validity which is submitted with the application, so I hope it will be ready by August 2022. I've read in other posts on the forum that my existing passport, which has both a TRV and S-1 Visa, will still be valid until it expires even after I apply for a new passport which is a relief. 

I'm based in downtown Toronto, and would prefer to be able to get everything done at the consulate itself if possible. I'm not sure what the current protocols are now with COVID-19 though.

- Will the consulate in Toronto allow me to apply for a new passport more than one year in advance of its expiry date?

- Do you know if it's possible to take all the necessary documents (originals and copies) to the consulate, and have them certified there? 

- If not, where is the best place to certify documents in Toronto?

- Can I get the B1-9 form at the consulate when I submit my other documents, have fingerprints done there, and submit it altogether then? Or must it be requested through an A4 envelope which is mailed to the consulate and then sent back to my home address?

- Can I apply at the consulate in-person? Do appointments need to be made?

- I am not married/divorced, so I presume there is no notarization which needs to happen with my application?

- Anyone with experiences on recent time-frames?

Thanks for the help - any tips or advice really appreciated! 








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