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It is has been a tremendous challenging 14 months for my husband and I, and I have to admit, we were way too optimistic when we started our endeavor to migrate with the purpose of immigrating. Nonetheless, the decision was definitely not made lightly. I am sure this is at least one mutual goal on this forum, and that is to ensure a better future for our children.

We made the decision a month before the pandemic was announced. Our main aim was to obtain PR from within South Africa, but our dear friend Covid-19 made it extremely difficult to obtain an appointment to write the IELTS exam, I couldn't request for my qualifications, and wasn't able to follow the Express Entry route. We were redirected to apply for a study permit. I took my IELTS, but my IQAS validation was still in line to be processed, and we decided to give the study permit a go. The process took us 6 months ( December '20 to April '21 ). The process went along quite smoothly, but Toronto's PM was talking about closing borders during April and May, and study permits processes were even more delayed.  We were given a deadline of 5 May to present the study permit, with an exception that we had until the 27th of May. We couldn't defer, lost our seat at George Brown, had to request for a refund, lost 1000 CAD , and then received the request to submit our passports about 3 weeks later. 

You can imagine this was very displeasing, but the very same day we got bad news, we also received good news. My IQAS report came back, and I could FINALLY open my Express Entry Profile.

My CRS is fairly low, ( 320)  but we are still awaiting my husbands qualification vetting and IELTS results, and I am preparing for the French Proficiency test. 

I am actively applying to all relevant jobs, have received a few invitations. I know this is also going to take quite some time before I am successful, but I would be so grateful for any insight on how to make this process less daunting as it is. Please can you share your job searching endeavours and success stories with me? Also if there are any Human Resources Professionals that successfully found a job from outside of Canada, I would love to get in touch with you, if you are willing to spare some pointers?





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While I'm not an HR Professional, I deal with that function often in the realm of recruiting.  

  • LinkedIn seems to have gained a lot of traction in terms of job postings - I would definitely be setup there and have an automated job search setup there.  Indeed also seems to be the current website of choice.
  • Look into the designations popular here for HR Professionals - it will give you a leg up.  Also look at CHRP events and functions in your intended area to network and gain access to those "unposted opportunities"
  • COVID has been terrible for everyone - but the silver lining is that it has made remote work and remote interviewing for opportunities more accepted.  Which might work to your advantage in your situation.  I am seeing more 'country-wide' postings here in Canada on the premise of remote work.
  • Keep trying - getting any sort of interview opportunities will help you perfect your approach to a "Canadian Interview"

Good Luck

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Thank you, are there any recruitment agencies that might further my chances, or help me connect with the right companies? I am also allowed to apply to Hospitality Management positions / Food & Beverage Management.

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On 8/10/2021 at 12:54 PM, Debby said:

Thank you, are there any recruitment agencies that might further my chances, or help me connect with the right companies? I am also allowed to apply to Hospitality Management positions / Food & Beverage Management.

Hi Debby,

I agree with Orion747 that LinkedIn does play a big part in how most organizations connect. When I started my search, LinkedIn and my network really contributed to me getting more chances to speak to someone. The one thing I found here is that a lot of organizations uses some form of AI to scan applications, so if you do not get the right key words in your application you do not even get close to speaking to a real person. This became very apparent to me when I applied for a position on a Saturday afternoon and got my note saying thanks for applying but sorry at 1am the Sunday morning.

LinkedIn Premium gave me a lot of insights as to who is looking at your profile, how many applicants have already applied for a position (One job had over 2000 applicants😳), and how I ranked in terms of the prospects requirements. It also started recommending positions that aligned with my experience and location choices as they were created. Having a good LinkedIn profile also contributed to recruiters reaching out wanting to discuss opportunities without me even looking. I connected with a lot of folks in Canada as part of building out my profile. This included recruiters and HR folks as well. This at least put me on their radar. Some of those I have connect with here over the last 4 years have become good friends as well. When it comes to talking to agencies, they can be helpful, but it depends on how in demand your field is.

The next thing is putting together that all important resume. Short sweet and to the point. And you must write it in such a way that you can easily change it to align to a position you are looking at in terms of key words. There are many examples online, and I am sure there are folks here that can also shed some light on that subject.

 I see you listed your fields, in what field is you husband? Doing two searches and multiple directions is much better. Twice the reach.  

As said above, keep at it. There is always a way.  

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