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Hey Guys,

I'm looking to immigrate in the long run and I noted in the eligibility test that there was a question about previous work experience in Canada.

The thought is somewhat welcoming, and I'd gladly work there for a year or two before immigrating, possibly do my immigration application from that side and never coming

I was under the impression that I had to immigrate to get work.


How do I go about getting work in Alberta before immigrating?

Is IELTS required to work? (Golly... and there is mention I'd only be able to write next year...)

Are there papers I should get prepped?

Are there other factors that I could perhaps leverage to improve my chances of getting work?


I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.

The Penguin

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The previous work experience would usually apply to applicants who'd previously either studied or worked in Canada on a Workpermit. You'd need to research the various routes but workpermits are not that easy to come by and take about 20 weeks to process anyway. Yes you would need IELTS. As to getting work, it would entirely depend on your skillset, qualifications and experience. 

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Hi @ThePenguin

The question re: Canadian work is because you get additional points on your application if you have Canadian experience, but for Express Entry, this is not mandatory. This will definitely help a whole lot but just because you do not have Canadian experience does not mean you cannot immigrate.

I'd echo @Nelline comment about getting work prior to immigrating. This is wholly dependent on what field you work in, how in demand your profession is, and whether there are employers out there looking for that specific skillset.

IELTS is not required for work. I've never been asked to provide this document when applying for work.

Some important documents required for immigration: birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, police clearance certificate*, medical*, bank statements*, work-related documents, etc. There are many more. The ones with asterisks can be obtained a bit later when you have already started your Express Entry profile.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you @Nelline and @MaryJane.

It feels good knowing I can find support in the forum. 

I've been an industrial robotics technician and trainer for six years. 

My job is relatively hard to advertise due to the job title "Industrial Technician" and "Robotics Trainer" being broadly-used terms.

Unless you're looking at my resume, you'd have little idea what I do for a living.


Unfortunately, my points score for express entry is way too low. 

However, I'd gladly work on a permit for a couple of years. I'm just not sure where to start with it apart from simply applying for work everywhere.

Anyone know if there are South African agencies that can set up work that side?


Anyhow, thanks again @MaryJane for letting me know about the documents.

Will get them prep'ed.


I bid those of you in SA a lovely evening, and those of you in CA a wonderful Monday afternoon.

The Penguin

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I am assuming you've investigated the various PNP routes? Also look into the AIPP, the Atlantic Provinces' Immigration departments now publish lists of "designated employers" and you can go through that list and see if any of them might be in your field, and approach them directly?

If you can find a job offer in your field in either NS or PEI (I know, it's a long shot) your employer can approach the Immigration dept directly and ask that they consider you for PNP. They'd have to validate the request, eg prove that they've advertised locally and that you are the best candidate etc but it's not impossible. It's how we're currently bringing in someone from SA. I don't know about NB and NL but the immigration people in NS and PE are very approachable and helpful

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Woah... I have no idea what PNP, AIPP, NS, or PEI is....  😅

I joined to know where to get started and look for guidance, so this is all new to me. 😅 

At this point I'd consider a laborer position just to spend a year in Canada and get a feel for the country and it's people. 

A year would give me plenty of time to assess my path, whether it be to study further that side or simply look for other work opportunities.


Either way, I will look into what PNP routes are and the AIPP.

You have been most informative.

Thank you!

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PNP Provincial Nomination , when a province is interested in what you have to offer and ‘sponsors’ you 600 point for express entry which kind of guarantee that you’ll at least get an invite.

AIPP,  Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, as Neline explained, employers proves you are the best person for the job and you get invited to apply on those grounds.

NS, PEI, NB, NL lol... the Atlantic Provinces, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland (and Labrador) .

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I actually googled PNP and AIPP; got the answers pretty much up front.

The provinces got me though... 😅

Got some sketchy results googling that...


I've checked out how PNP works and it seems too simple.  I mean like its down to applying and not much else I can do.

For Alberta's PNP (AINP in their case), I only qualify for express entry, and I haven't done IELTS yet (Got to wait until Oct. soonest in Port Elizabeth). Apparently my college certifications aren't worth much either as the courses weren't at least 3 years long lol.  So my score looks pretty horrid. I only have my marital status, age, and good looks going for me... 

So at this point, it seems simply being in contact with recruiting agencies in Canada and baiting for a work permit seems to be my route.

Maybe see if I can apply for a bursary and go study something...

Either way, you guys made my way pretty clear:  1)  Keep applying for jobs and pray for sponsorship,  2)  Do IELTS ASAP so I can get my score up.


Thank you all for the support 🌹

I didn't expect this much hospitality and help. 


I sincerely bid you a beautiful Wednesday evening (morning if you're in CA).

The Penguin

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Hi All, 

I am thinking about going the AIPP route. Please advise if anyone has been successful with this route? 

How long does the process take before one can start applying for jobs? 

Thanks :)

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