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Good Morning fellow South Africans.

My wife and I a trying to make a move to Canada this year.  The reason being, that we have a special needs kid (also in the 99th percentile for his intelligence), and the South African education system does not allow for anyone different to the societal norm.  The reason for Calgary, is that we currently have family there (who are also looking for jobs for us).

Could you guys please keep a lookout for any NOC 0, A or B occupations that a foreign national can apply for, or if you have an opening where you are, to please let me know.

My wife and I have been pastors in our church for over 12 years.  I am very good at working with people (especially students from 12 - 19 years), I have set up the network from scratch at our church (multiple APs, Fibre, routers, etc.) and troubleshoot all IT related issues with our staff (been up to 25 people).  I also manage the production, lights, sound, livestream, video editing (premier pro, after effects, audition), etc.

My wife is amazing with people, she is currently the executive pastor, handling all the volunteer teams, church communication, administration, managing leaders, etc.  She is excellent at graphic design (specifically photoshop and illustrator).

My wife is younger, so we are looking to enter through her, but we need that all important job offer.  Could my fellow South African please keep an eye out for us.

Thank You!

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