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Annemie Parkin

Newbies - just starting the process

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Annemie Parkin

Hi everyone 


My husband and I are seriously looking at moving our family to Canada. We are very new to everything and haven’t started with any of the official steps. We are a family of four - my husband, me, 3-year old boy, and two-month old boy. I have a Master’s Degree in Political Science and I’m currently working in die higher education sector as a manager for a private tertiary institution. My husband has his own logistics company and has extensive sales experience, but no formal qualifications. 

We need some advice and some questions answered.

Firstly, what are the ballpark amount of the costs for applications, Visas, tests, etc? We’d like to attempt to do this without an agency and would like to have an idea of what the costs look like. 


Secondly, should I try and get a job before going through the Express Entry process? Or should we go through the process, get to Canada, and then search for employment? 

Thirdly, how long does the Express Entry process take more or less? We have spoken to an agent and we qualify in terms of the points system, but we’d like to gain more points before going through the process. 

Any advice would really be appreciated. 


Annemie Parkin

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