Mother-tongue isiXhosa speakers in Calgary?


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Greetings SAfricans in Calgary!

Are there any mother-tongue speakers of isiXhosa or isiZulu on this board? I realize it may be a bit of a long shot, but I am trying to get hold of someone in the Calgary area (or nearby) who knows Xhosa as their home language. If anyone has suggestions for where I might be likely to meet a local Xhosa speaker, please let me know!

This is for a course that I am teaching at the university about linguistic structure. My students are learning about the grammar of isiXhosa, and they have some kinds of questions that need the kind of knowledge that only a proper mother-tongue speaker has.


Molweni amanene namanenekazi woMzantsi!
Ndingumhlohli eyunivesithi yaseCalgary, yaye ndifundisa iklasi kwilinguistiki yeelwimi zesintu. Bendifuna ukufumana (nokudibana) abantu abathetha isiXhosa. Kunzima ke! Xa ungasithetha, okanye umazi umhlobo othethayo, isiXhosa khawundixele. Enkosi kakhulu!

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You might need to resort to Skype...


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