Ontario Potjie Festival 2015

DJ Oryx (bokbokstaanstyf)

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Hello everyone! We hope you've been enjoying the summer!

Guess what!? The 2015 Ontario Potjie Festival is in one month! We are looking forward to another amazing weekend of relaxing with old and new friends around the Braai fires, the Boeresports, the lekker Sokkies and of course the delicious Potjies! The best way to experience the festival is to come for the whole weekend. Also make sure you call KOA Toronto North to reserve your RV, Cabin, tent to avoid disappointment!
http://koa.com/campgrounds/toronto-north/ Otherwise, book into a hotel in Barrie which is a 12 min drive away on the 400 highway.

If you have not putchased tickets for the Potjie Festival, please do so now by following this link:

We are also very excited to announce that Anton Myburgh will be signing at the Potjie Festival this year! The event will be free of charge and is proudly sponsored by Bokkie's Biltong http://www.bokkiesbiltong.com and South African Events http:www.southafricanevents.com

Similar to previous years, the Bokkie’s Biltong trailer will be at the 2015 Ontario Potjie festival. You can order your potjie, Biltong, droewors, South African goodies, braai packs and ingredients for your potjie and pick it up from the Bokkie’s trailer.

-Mrs Balls Chutney, any flavour $5.99
-Rajeh Curry powder and aromat, any flavour $3.99
-All South African canned goods $4.49 this will include ( chakalaka sauces, onion tamato mix, indian style mix, baked beans all flavours, samp and beans pie apple, gauva, all gold jams wather malon and ginger, apricot, peach strawberry and fig jam.

-Braai spices $5.59 this includes all Ina Parman, Braai salt and cerebos salt
-Roberton Spices $3.99 all flavours
-All flavoured packaged soups and Stock for potjies $3.99

Best Duty Potjie Pots:
Number 2 pot: $95
Number 3 pot: $125
Number 4 pot: $175
Number 6 pot: $210
Number 8 pot: $240

Braai packs pricelist:
-Striploin Steak
-Lamb chop
$ 17.99

-Rib Eye Steak AAA
-Lamb Chop

Kiddie’s Braai Pack
-Striploin Steak AAA
$ 7.99

Kiddie’s Braai Pack
-Lamb Chop
$ 5.99

Kiddie’s Braai Pack
-Striploin Streak
-Lamb Chop
$ 9.99

Potjie meat (please specify the cuts you would like)

Please call in for pricing on our game as the selection is really big. anything from Water buffalo, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Bison, Elk, Venison, Wild Boar, Pheasant, duck, lamb Crocodile, and Camel

Please ensure you place your orders by Aug 21, at least one week before the Pojtie festival.
To place orders or if you have any questions just send an email and we will gladly answer any questions: orders@bokkiesbiltong.com or call Bokkie's Biltong at +1 (705) 720-2653 or visit http://www.bokkiesbiltong.com

Visit the Ontario Potjie Festival home page for all the info related to the festival: http://www.bokkiesbiltong.com/ontariopotjie.php

Join the Ontario Potjie Festival Facebook event:

Like our Facebook page here:

Please share this event with all your South African friends on Facebook and Twitter!

We are looking forward to another fantastic festival!

Ettienne and Anneke

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Is there anyone going from the Ottawa area? Like to share a ride?

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