Calgary plummets:list of best places to live

Ingrid Brunkhorst Hurrell

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Calgary plummets down list of best places to live in Canada

CALGARY – Calgary is no longer considered one of the top spots for Canadians to live, according to MoneySense magazine.

On Monday, the magazine released their annual ‘Best Places to Live’ list, which measures the quality of life in dozens of cities across the nation.

In 2013, Calgary nabbed first place, and last year we placed second.

Since then, our city has plummeted from the top ten, and now sits at 19 out of more than 200 centres.

Some reasons for it:

1. Amount of drs.

2. Walkability and housing costs.

The good news: ..." families are still earning good money in Cowtown."

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While I am sure it is not a great thing to fall out of the top spots, Calgary is still a beautiful city with lots to offer. I must agree though, just from the research I have done with regards to housing - the prices are just a tad on the ridiculous side....

Thanks for posting the link Ingrid! :)

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It's not all doom and gloom. I think Calgary is a great city. A lot of people complain about the art and the bike lanes but to me that's what drew me to Calgary. Why use a car when you can take a bicycle to work. Many European cities do it and they also have harsh weather.

Housing is expensive, yes, but that's most cities. There are a lot of opportunities outside of the oil sector but people aren't willing to jump at it because they don't get that instant 10 - 20K a month that they are accustomed to.

Here's another follow up on the article: http://

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