The Port Mann Bridge


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Here are a couple of shots of the Port Mann Bridge as seen from Citadel in PoCo - where the Pitt River joins the Fraser ... lovely area with some great houses and a boardwalk along the river ... relatively undiscovered ... methinks we will get our boat out on this stretch of water soon ...

apologies for the huge size of pics ... these were like 4 minute exposures each ... just before golden hour yesterday :)


and one in b/w ...




ps - I hope the pics showed up ... if they didn't I will repost from home later tonight ...

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Very nice pics. Sort of reminds me of a portion of the Vaal River on the way to Parys. Of course the river is narrower but still beautiful .

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No similarity between the Fraser and the Vaal. This region here is temperate forest so the banks are lined with either city scape or conifer forest. The river has boat traffic and plenty logs that float down. Lots and lots of mountain scapes in the background. Both are similar in length

Vaal discharge 125 m3/per second

Fraser 3 475 m3/per second

The two regions are just so different

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