British Columbia Summer Games in Vancouver

Cathy K

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Guest Petros

Lovely games and they would have had so many more people there if they held them on the Mainland (just dont understand the logic of holding them where access is so difficult expensive and time consuming for more than 80% of Vancouvers population).

But well worth the visit and a lucky windfall for those that live there.

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What bad timing - I'm visiting the Island this coming week


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The BC games take place every two years and it's in a different BC town/city each time. The 2014 BC Winter Games was held in Mission. In 2016 the summer game is in Abbotsford. The 2016 BC Winter Games will be in Penticton.

British Columbia is divided into eight zones for these games and each region sends a team to the game. Every town In British Columbia can bid to present the game.

For more information:

The Kotzé women are volunteering at the Nanaimo games and we're enjoying every minute of it. I have just finished my shift, but Ruby and Charlene will not be home until about 10 o'clock tonight. There are about 3,200 volunteers and we are kept pretty busy.

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