Ontario Potjie Festival 2014

DJ Oryx (bokbokstaanstyf)

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Ontario Potjie Festival - August 22-25

Visit the Ontario Potjie Festival home page for all the info related to the potjie:

Buy tickets to attend the potjie festival via Eventbrite:


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Only 27 days till the Ontario Potjie Festival 2014 and tickets are selling out fast!!! Also, if you have not registered for the Potjiekos competition on the Sunday, please do so now. The link to purchase tickets online and to register is below. Cheers! Ettienne Van Rooyen

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Ontario Potjie Festival News:
There is still some time to order fresh meat for your potjie and BRAAI PACKS from BOKKIE’S BILTONG! BUT PLEASE do so by NO LATER THAN Thursday, August 21! To place orders, email: orders@bokkiesbiltong.com Braai Pack prices:
1. Ribeye, Boerewors and a chop = $21
2. Striploin, Boerewors and a chop = $18
3. Chop and Boerewors = $13

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