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Starting on Friday, 8th July 2011 at 7:00pm the Protea Club of London, Ontario will be holding a coffee club meeting at Williams Coffee Pub on Wonderland Rd.

Everyone is welcome to attend and we'd like to extend a special invite to new immigrants who would like to connect with fellow South Africans living in or near London.

We'll be holding these on a monthly basis so you'll be seeing some more postings in the coming months.

(Inspired by the organisers of the coffee club meetings in SA - thank you!)

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Tonight is the night!

FYI / BTW - Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand is 2 months away so hope we can also start planning some dates to support our beloved Boks.

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Well done Jackie! We need more of these!

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The Coffee Club will meet every 2nd Friday of the month at Williams Coffee Pub, 3030 Wonderland Rd S at 7:00pm

Next meeting will be held on the 12th August 2011

Everyone is welcome!

PS. Did you know that we can buy goods from South Africa in London?

Mrs. Bridges British Bakery on Wharncliffe Rd S sells South African foods.

Some items they sell are boerewors, biltong, jams, canned foods, Appletiser, chocolates, Jelly Tots, various biscuits, sauces, rusks, to name a few.

Link to map:

Link to website:​m/

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We had our second meeting of our coffee club and the numbers are growing! This month we had double our last turnout.

Thanks to all those pioneers that started the coffee clubs that I enjoyed so much in South Africa - and all those who have nudged me to get one started here in London.

So the kiddies get back to school on the 5th September and our next meeting will be on Friday 9th September. Everyone is welcome - especially the kids... but be warned that they have some delicious looking cakes on sale that might be eye-candy to a kid... especially as I always order one to share with my daughter (they're so yummy).

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Well, the coffee club is still growing so we will need to move venues to accommodate everyone. We'll be trying out a few coffee shops in London to see what will work and I'll keep you updated if it does change for the October meeting - otherwise..... see you all at Williams.

This past Sunday the Protea Club of London,Ontario had their annual braai where we all enjoyed our boerewors, chops, salads and delicious desserts. The weather was great and it was wonderful to see so many new families joining this event. Check out the Facebook page to see the photos.

¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸ ...¸.¤\


.\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤*




/ \ Rugby World Cup 2011 !!! ......GO BOKKE!! ♥

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Just a quick update on the coffee club.....

We're still meeting every 2nd Friday of the month at Williams Coffee Pub (Cnr Southdale & Wonderland Rds)from 7:00 pm.

We have some regulars who come most months and each month we have "newbies" joining us. Some wonderful friendships have been made through meetings at the coffee club and it has inspired a British Specialty Shop to start stocking South African goodies... well they've now hired a South African to manage that aspect of the business. We're enjoying the stock Lisa is ordering and that we can make requests for things we'd love to see on the shelves. Our smallest coffee meeting to date had 7 people attend but we've had meetings of 30 people when the weather is better. The men have discovered you can order a beer so we're starting to see more men enjoying the conversations - maybe the yeast makes them smile.

I'm so grateful for those who started the coffee clubs in Gauteng that I attended when we made the decision to move - your initiative is still helping people connect!

Thanks to everyone who makes it possible :lol: we have some good laughs

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We might just drive out one Friday!

We'll be landing 4 May and intend to do some traveling for 7 - 8 weeks before settling in July (somewhere) in Toronto.

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Just an update... we're still having a Coffee Club Meeting every Second (2nd) Friday evening of the month at Williams Coffee Pub on Wonderland & Southdale Rds at 7:00pm.

We have some wonderful visitors and some core members who regularly attend each month (despite the weather this past winter) and it has been such a gift to see how many friendships have formed. It's awesome to hear people conversing in Afrikaans and laughing in English :clown:

We discovered that you can buy beer & wine as well as the standard 'coffee and koek' so now we appeal to a broader group, especially in summer.

Please come join us if you're in the area!

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Hi is this still going on? I moved to London 3 months ago and have yet to run into a South African. Would be nice to meet a few.

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I'm not organizing the coffee club meetings anymore but they are still going strong after all these years! If you'd like to connect with the group, please look for them on Facebook - "Protea Club of London, Ontario". They also have an annual Braai which is held in September each year - these details are on their page too.

There is one tonight at Richies Family Restaurant at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome.

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