Marine Land Theme Park


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What would life be like without a place to take the kids???

Well here it is.......There is just sooooooo much to see and do!

Marineland Theme Park

Marineland is scheduled to open May 10, 2003. Attractions include marine mammal shows, Friendship Cove, and animal displays. Amusement rides open May 17, 2003.

There are so many things to see and do :

Marineland's Friendship Cove is where you can make friends with beluga whales and killer whales. The largest whale habitat in the world, Friendship Cove is surrounded by walkways for above water and dramatic underwater viewing of these amazing marine mammals. Best of all, guests can have the chance, and unique thrill, of being able to feed and touch these friendly ocean giants. Beluga whale and killer whale feeding and touching sessions are scheduled several times daily. When you arrive at the park, consult your park map for times and details. At Marineland you will experience the thrill of getting up close to so many wonderful animal ambassadors from both land and sea. Imagine being able to touch the fur of a deer and even feed one if you like.

Guests of all ages will enjoy feeding thousands of fish at the fish-feeding lake, be amused by black bears as they climb and play around on their tree logs, come nose to nose with buffaloes, admire majestic elk and more.

In addition to marine mammals shows, and interactive animal displays, Marineland features a variety of fun and exciting amusement rides.

Location: 7657 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, Canada

Web :

Tel : 905-356-2142

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