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I DO believe you have figured this one out already. Of course, Tweekoeieindiegatdoodgeskietfontein has 8 words ;)

You are also right about the two Ladysmiths ( though it is not quite on the straight line between them)

Now, does anyone else get it?..Pierre is playing along here. Maybe he'll send me a PM with the answer and give the other folks a chance?

Where are the Lategans and the other folks in the East?

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Wat van tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein? ;)

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njê-ê--ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-t! Wrô-ô-ô-ng!

Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, while it might be near the line between Ladysmith and Ladysmith, is also 8 words. The place in the picture is 5 words. ;)


CLUE: ( relating to "someone was killed there" and "The name refers to an animal") )

I think Kevin Costner might just possibly be able to answer this one....both the animal, and an event somewhat similar [but not identical] to the one in which the guy died, featured in possibly his most famous movie( 3-word title)....and, NO!, it is not a dead baseball player in the mielies, nor does it have anything to do with baseball!


I went there purely because of the fascinating name...I HAD TO see this.

NO! You are not allowed to answer in public , Pierre ;) I suspect you have been there!

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wolwe-dans- spruit fontein-kop ??????

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njê-ê--ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-ê-t! Wrô-ô-ô-ng!

Which other animal did Kevin Costner get to do with in that movie. If HE got to do with it, on which continent would it have been?

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Head-Smashed in Buffalo Jump (HAh!)

Info site here


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You've got it, SkiBum! Sêt djou slêm Tjênd

1. There are five distinct words in its name, just like “swartwitpensbokrivierberg”, on the way to Thabazimbi, has six.

TRUE: Head...Smashed....in...Buffalo...Jump = 5

2. The name refers to an anatomical part


3. The name refers to an animal

TRUE: Buffalo

4. Someone was killed there

TRUE: According to the local First Nations, one of the overanxious young men went and stood under the cliff to see the herd of buffalo come over the cliff, and they landed on him.

5. It happened when something could not stay airborne

TRUE: Buffaloes

6. It is not a town..it is a place

TRUE: There is a reservation near there, but the nearest towen is Fort McCleod

7. Kevin Costner danced with the another animal in that movie ( see my response to SkiBum below)

TRUE: In Dances with Wolves he joins the Sioux on a buffalo hunt in which the buffaloes are stampeded.

I'll think up another one for next weekend..sommer vir die snaaksigheid and for learning about PLACES.

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What is this thing called and near which town is it?



To follow through the weekend.

If I know Pierre, he probably has the answer! :unsure:

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Harry jy wil hê ek moet antwoord ne... <_<

Hierdie keer het ek nie 'n clue nie.

Ek het die goeters nog nooit gesien nie.

It kinda looks like the hoodoos in Banff but not quite the same. The scenery also does not represent Banff.

It also looks like the layering you get in the badlands near Drumheller or the Dynosaur provincial park. Iv been to the dynosaur park but not Drumheller.

The Calgary people would know better.

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Harry, is dit nie die hoodoo's naby Drumheller nie?

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Ja, julle blikskottels, ek het gedog hy's te maklik, daai dêng. Dis hoekom ek die clues weggevat het.

So! All the guys were right. Hoodoos at Drumheller. Seems I'll have to make sure the pics ar not from near Calgary! Too many SA folks there with wheels.

The shot was taken in July 2001 just east of Drumheller, which itself is an hour or so northeast of Calgary. I really loved driving through the countryside there. It felt almost like the Vryburg area in the North Cape. In summer they also hold a PassionPlay there. We happened to be there at that particular time and it was near impossible to find a place to stay.

Hmmm...OK! I'll make it a bit tougher for fun. Watch this space. :unsure:

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This picture, rather distinctive of that region, was taken near a town....what is its name?


Clues and Diversions:

1. Pierre and Cathy Kotzé might find this scene hauntingly familiar...No! Not Nanaimo..it is wet.

2. A main national trainline goes through there.

3. There is a fair sized river near the scene.

4. Two rivers join at the town

5. One summer, a disaster struck near this town, causing major anxiety

...Pierre is right...it is in BC..and it was a major disasterous fire.(see below)

6. NEW CLUE...it is NOT, as MANY people think, named after the looping meanderings in the river, because there are'nt really any...the name is actually corrupted from the Indian word for "place where rivers meet."

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I dont hink Cathy has been there. But it looks like the Karoo driving through it. You wouldnt say it is in BC, but it is. Last year's fire made everyone flee their houses.

Am I on the right track?

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Your track, sir, is indeed correct. But, then again, you already know by now that I like to post things that make people see parallels between SA and Canada. Go and check where the Kotzés lived in SA.

Edited by Harry
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Laingsburg is situated on the Buffelsriver in the Karoo. Laingsburg did indeed have a ghastly flood in which a number of people died, including some from a retirement home. Some folks were washed alive into the Floriskraaldam, south of town, and survived the ordeal. It happened because of a massive cloudburst thunderstorm in the mountains near Sutherland ( unheard of). The national trainline indeed runs through the town. Cathy and Pierre lived in Prins Albert, not very far from there, and it certainly looks very much like that part of the world, I'm sure they would agree.

However, the Buffelsriver only joins with the Gamka to from the Gouritz some 60 miles southeast ( as the crow flies) at a town called Vanwyksdorp (where the TV series "Arende" was filmed). My dad came from those parts and that's why I know that country.

Pierre was actually right...believe it or not, the picture was taken in Canada!!

You can shoot me later...but I did indeed set folks up to think it is Laingsburg in particular.

So, with Pierre ( our intrepid traveller) being hereby sworn to secrecy, for which he no doubt hates me already ( Since, in a gleeful moment, I gave him a booby prize last week) ...WHERE IS THIS!?

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Thou be correct, Gord! Congratulations. Jy kan relax, Pierre!

To quote a certain website:

"In 1811, David Stuart from the Pacific Fur Company explored the area between the Columbia and Fraser rivers. A year later, his exploits drew Alexander Ross, also a Pacific Fur Company man, who established a post at a place the Shuswap Indians called "Cumcloups" -- the meeting of the waters -- near the convergence of the North and South Thompson rivers. Several forts followed, including Fort Thompson, owned by the North West Company, which bought out the Pacific in 1813. The Hudson's Company moved in eight years later. The names Kamloops and Fort Thompson were used interchangeably, but a post-office established in 1870 adopted the name Kamloops. The city was incorporated in 1893."

As usual, the history is centred on the Hudson Bay Company, the local historical equivalent of the Hollands Oos Indiese Kompanjie,...and who are still with us today as "The Bay" and HBC.

Last summer we had terrible fires at Kamloops and folks had to evacuate certain parts. The north and south Thompson Rivers join at the town. The historic Canada Pacific Railway line goes through town.

The particular shot was taken looking southeast, a few miles west of Kamloops on the road from Cache Creek, between the communities of Walhachin and Savona. In the right of the picture you can only just see the trainline with an actual train on it. If you look at the map, you will see that the trainline is indeed south of the road at that point. A handful if kilometres ahead, the Kamloops Lake starts on the left (North). Here it is, complete with the same train...which has now crossed the road to run on the north bank of the lake in the Thompson.


I'll work on another one for this weekend. I'm hoping that I am making it nominally interesting for folks and that one actually ends up getting a bit of a picture of one's new country in the process.

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What is this phenomenon called?

Which way is the water flowing?

How many times in thirty days does the water flow from right to left?

Near which town is it?

...the very nearest village is truly small and has just a pub that doubles as post office and everything else. So I'll settle for the nearest big town.



1. The water does this more than once a month

2. It sometimes goes in the opposite direction!!

3. The place is a kind of "Charles". Not the town....the Place or Phenomenon

4. In the Chinook language it means “strong”-“water”...as you can see.

5. In BC, there is a town with this name in South Eastern BC. It is NOT the nearest town.

6. There is a First Nations band of the same name. They are not near this place

7. The sun shines more in the region of the nearest town than in Vancouver

8. Oh Yes!....I should tell you......it is NOT in South Africa :unsure:

..........Good Luck.

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Guest Guest

Its either a tidal bore, or a standing wave?

Judging by the calmness of the water behind the "wave" I'd opt for the tidal bore.

Tidal bore occures during spring tide, when the incomming tide flows up stream against an opposing flow of water, either in an inlet, but more commonly in a river. ( check out the search for "pororoca" on google).

Standing waves occure when fast flowing water in a river flows over a very shallow object. This can give "land locked" surfers hours of enjoyment, but is not quite the same as the real thing.

I have no idea where the picture was taken though.

"Charles" and "sun shine" makes me think of Price Edward Island. (Am I on the right track??) I know there is a very big tidal difference (between high and low tide) in some areas in the east.

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Oops forgot to log in!!

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