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raai raai 64 would be in Vancouver.

I am not sure how specific you want me to be.

I am not sure from which building the photo is taken though. Probably a hotel in Robson street. The Pacific Palisades hotel perhaps. Not far from Canada place.

Probably taken before your sea cruise earlier this year.

The building roof dont seem to be designed for handling snow.

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Im not sure if this has been posted on Sacanada, if not, do you know where it is?

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Since you give no clue, I assume it is in Edmonton or Fort McMurray? This assumption is based on the fact that I know that you travel to Edmonton quite a bit and I notice that the date on the shot is today's date.

It looks like the world's biggest Christmas bauble/decoration to me. I could not find anything on the internet under either of those towns. So I give up. I have gone through the websites that list the roadside attractions of Canada ( like the Starship Enterprise at Vulcan), but to no avail....so it appears not to have hit the tourism buttons.

So, unless you give clues...your answers can only come from folks that have physically been there or happen to have seen it in a picture by pure chance. Certainly I have not.

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Harry, It is the biggest in the world of sorts, so it is said. As you enter the town it says the worlds biggest..... thing. :ph34r:

Yes it was taken today and I am in Edmonton this weekend, but the photo is in another town.

It should be in tourist info. I would expect you to find it there. I was told it's a must see.

Most South Africans I expect would know this place without actually been there.

The people are very friendly and helpfull there, although that goes for a lot of places... :D

It is named after a french USA man who settled there in earlier times.

The cost of gas there is 75.9c/l (I thought I would throw that in just to upset you...)

Do you want to have more clues?

Some more facts which do not necessarily help you, but hope fully stimulates your interest.

The story began in 1973 when the Alberta government established the Alberta Century Celebrations Committee to co-ordinate the centennial celebrations of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to be held in 1974

The unique nature and complicated geometry of the ... shape made the design of the ....... a highly complex undertaking. Professor Ronald Resch, a computer scientist at the University of Utah, agreed to take on the design project.

Professor Resch was responsible for the entire ....... concept which required the development of new computer programs. The ....... is really an immense jig-saw puzzle containing 524 star patterns, 2,208 equilateral triangles, 3,512 visible facets, 6,978 nuts and bolts, and 177 internal struts.

As a result of Professor Resch's work and leadership, the ....... is recognized around the world as not only a unique artistic masterpiece but also an achievement of nine mathematical, architectural and engineering firsts. The design represents the first computer modeling of an ...

Thousands of tourists from around the world visit .......... annually and marvel at the ....... It measures 25.7 feet long, 18 feet wide, and stands 31 feet high. It is one of the premier tourist attractions.

The 2,000-pound aluminum skin is attached to the central mast at a 30-degree angle with 177 turnbuckle struts. Cessco International Ltd., Edmonton, fabricated the massive internal structure which weighs 3,000 pounds. The ....... rests on a 27,000-pound base of concrete and steel and turns in the wind like a weathervane.

I will fill in the missing words once someone guesses right.

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Haai nee ouens, nou raak hier die topic darem te lank, daai Pysanka in Vegreville is op die eerste bladsy van hierdie tema! :ph34r:

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The world's largest Easter Egg ( Dêmmit!) or pysanka...Vegreville, Alberta.


Neee, ek het dit nie gesien vroeër nie! Nou laat Pierre my so sweet.:ph34r:

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Sadly, this is one of our nicest beaches.

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Quite right Harry, although I do belive this section of it is known as Spanish Banks.

To the right of it (not seen in the pic) past the pier is Jericho. The section to the left is known as Locarno Beach.

Its such a small stretch of beach though that I dont know why it was bothered to be named into three different sections.

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