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Amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. You have made me realize how much we still need to see of this beautiful counrty! We have been in Canada for 3 years and have only been to TWO provinces.


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:D Thanks Christo - the time you've taken to explain the pictures has been amazing!!!

When people ask why we like Canada, I love to tell them it's because it looks exactly like the pictures you see. And looking at the stunning ones you've taken makes me even more sure!


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To share some pictures from Ottawa. The first is of the canal towards the locks between the canal and the Ottawa river taken from the area next to National Arts centre.

The second is a picture of Pretoria Bridge over the canal. A few years ago there was a suggestion to rename it to Nelson Mandela bridge - forturnately there were many Ottawanians objecting to it and the suggestion just died



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