North Vancouver: January 26th: 1pm: The Annual Raven Pub Gathering


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Four years ago, after many declined invites to functions, I decided to take the 'functions' to Harry, our senior administrator on the West Coast!

I have now made it into an annual affair and once again, our very own "Oom" Harry will be in attendance and will share his "*wisdom" with those new and old to Canada.

* Harry will not show up wearing a brick-red toga saying "ommmmm!". All he will offer is that he is a "Short, Grey and [dashingly?] Handsome". ;) (and his delightful wife will be with him to protect him!) :D:D

Title: SACanada Meet & Greet for January

Description: The Raven Pub in North Vancouver (Unfortunately this is for adults only) B.Y.O

Date & time: Saturday, January 26, 2008 at 1:00 PM

Location: The Raven Pub, 1052 Deep Cove Road, , North Vancouver, BC

Hopefully we can have more SACanadians join us this year. Place it on your calendars.

This is a casual affair, and we usually fill out one corner of the pub with small, but intimate numbers. I am hoping this time we can fill out the whole upper area.

This afternoon is always a fun one of getting to know some interesting people.

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Already having someone people reply...looks like it will be a great turnout.

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errr..."share his Wisdom!!!?"!

You want to hear my wife on THAT one! Can't get her to stop laughing! :)

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Have to keep the ladies entertained somehow and make the men feel good at the same time!

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robert and his good lady will be there in their capacity as landed permanent residents :);)

Edited by robert
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We look forward to welcoming the newest arrivals....Can't wait!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you to everyone who showed up. I counted over 35 people. It was great to meet everyone especially the 'freshly landed meat' Robert! Robert it was good to be able to welcome you offcially to the Land of The Maple Leaf!

I look forward to chatting again and meeting your wonderfully wife and kids.

If anyone wishes to see some photo's of the day, please go to this Facebook Link

See everyone at the Burnaby Valentine's Dinner. Howie's Grill on Feb 16th.

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For those not able to access Facebook here are a few photo's. I am not going to add names, UNLESS requested, so as to protect privacy issues.











Me talking AGAIN! It seems someone always catches me talking. Maybe it is the fact, that I just can't shut up!



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