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Found 15 results

  1. SoapyBubbles


    Good Morning fellow South Africans. My wife and I a trying to make a move to Canada this year. The reason being, that we have a special needs kid (also in the 99th percentile for his intelligence), and the South African education system does not allow for anyone different to the societal norm. The reason for Calgary, is that we currently have family there (who are also looking for jobs for us). Could you guys please keep a lookout for any NOC 0, A or B occupations that a foreign national can apply for, or if you have an opening where you are, to please let me know. My wife and I have been pastors in our church for over 12 years. I am very good at working with people (especially students from 12 - 19 years), I have set up the network from scratch at our church (multiple APs, Fibre, routers, etc.) and troubleshoot all IT related issues with our staff (been up to 25 people). I also manage the production, lights, sound, livestream, video editing (premier pro, after effects, audition), etc. My wife is amazing with people, she is currently the executive pastor, handling all the volunteer teams, church communication, administration, managing leaders, etc. She is excellent at graphic design (specifically photoshop and illustrator). My wife is younger, so we are looking to enter through her, but we need that all important job offer. Could my fellow South African please keep an eye out for us. Thank You! Dane
  2. BaliAshmita

    finding employment in Canada

    Hi all, one of the main concerns when getting your PR is employment and source of income when you get to Canada. If you are in your process, if you find a job and add that offer to your EE profile, it will add +600 to your CRS. (you will get an invite the next round of invites). but a lot of people have to find employment when they get to Canada. I have found this video to be very informative on how to look for employment before and after you get to Canada + it tells you about your resume and cover letter.
  3. Hi all, I have the privilege of having a really cool boss here in SA. As I know it's extremely difficult to get a job in Canada from South Africa, he said that he would be willing to support me for a couple of months in Canada (as my job mainly involves computer-based work). Now, the amount that I will make when converted to CAD isn't much, but it will supplement my savings as I look for a better job in Canada. What are the tax implications for this? Will I be losing too much salary to various regulations and conversion fees etc? Should I rather go straight to McDonald's for a job when I land? I'm generally a rather risk-averse person, and like to have some level of financial security - so this is all very daunting for me. Any advice?
  4. Meyer88

    Safety Advisor/ SHE officer

    Hi kind people. Any members that are Occupational Safety Advisors, SHE practitioners, safety officers that already made the move across hat I can get in contact with? Rgds
  5. Meyer88

    Resume/ Cv

    Good day members. I was wondering if there is anyone that can provide me with some insight, advice etc. I am looking for a legitimate and reliable service to "Canadify" or call it what you will my CV. I believe it is extremely important to make your cv appeal to the Canadian job market and have been told that this is actually crucial. So is there anybody that I can get in contact with that will be able to help me with this? Any info to get me going in the right direction will be appreciated...
  6. iguessee

    Well Hello There

    So, a tentative Hello to you all I'm 32 and have been unemployed for the last 4 years. For that reason alone, my partner will be the main applicant so I have chosen not to take the IELTS nor convert my degrees with WES. Currently, we're coming up to that halfway phase so there's only the work reference letters to go. I would really appreciate it if someone could advise me about my prospects in Canada since I will be starting from scratch. Given my skill sets, I would say that I would initially be applying for care giver positions though I am open to suggestions. Which begs the question: Should I have gotten my degrees authenticated for use in job applications in-country? My degrees are BA. Psychological Counselling and Honours BA Psychology. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch
  7. ChrisBooth_360

    Good Recruitment Agencies?

    I've been looking for a job in Canada for a while now without any luck. Can anyone suggest any job agencies in Canada for foreigners?
  8. ChrisBooth_360

    A Highly Trained Health Journalist

    I am a health journalist from Cape Town looking for work in Toronto. I have my Masters in Health Journalism and I'm looking for employment. If you are looking or know of anyone looking for someone to work in the media side of healthcare, then please let me know.
  9. I want to send out my resume/CV to recruiters/companies in order to obtain an interview/job offer - this will boost my points and secure me hassle free entry. Or so they say.... Which job website(s) do you prefer or found to be the best / better than others? I looked on and liked what I saw. The jobbank one is also informative. I am in the construction/engineering/concrete industry. What say ye?
  10. duanuys

    Geologie werks geleentheid in Kanada

    Hello Almal, Ek is Suid-Afrikaner met Amerikaanse burgerskap wat graag in Kanada wil kom werk. Ek is 'n gekwalifiseerde petroleum geoloog met 3 + jaar ervaring in die Olie & Gas industrie. As daar iemand is wat dalk weet van 'n werks geleentheid of iemand ken/kontak het wat my sal kan help, laat weet asb. Baie dankie dit word waardeer. Duan Uys
  11. CTColette

    Job Poll

    I have a question and not sure if it was asked before, so please direct me if I should have posted this in another section. I would like to know how many people on this forum had a job offer before moving to Canada. Do the majority of people start the immigration process first, complete all of that and then leave or is the majority going over on a WP based on skill and then look for work there. Maybe the Forum Moderators can help to create this Poll??
  12. Craig Weaver is a leader in the field of Talent Management with almost twenty years international experience in Canada, the USA, Europe and Africa. His experience spans several industry sectors including financial services, natural resources, forest products, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas and nuclear power generation to name a few. Craig regularly conducts Career Transition support workshops for new graduates, immigrants and people in career transition. Craig lives in Toronto, Canada with his family where he practices Talent Management and teaches as a Sessional lecturer in the Department of Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. As a Talent Management professional, Craig also delivers coaching service to business leaders to support the achievement of the strategic business goals of their organizations. He is offering Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills and Career Transition services, that can help you be successful in the Canadian market place. Services Offered Basic Package: Price for resume review: C$80 Price for 1-hour consultative Skype call on your Career Transition: C$80 Value-Added Package: Price for resume review plus 1-hour consultative Skype call on your career transition: C$150 Advanced Package: Price for resume review plus 1-hour consultative Skype call, or in-person meeting on your career transition plus 1.5-hours coaching on interviewing skills: C$450 Premium Package: Price for resume review plus 1-hour consultative Skype call, or in-person meeting on your career transition plus 2-hours coaching of preparation and interviewing skills for a specific job interview for a specific job and organization to which you have applied: C$600 Please contact Craig for more information at:
  13. Good day I am a structural engineer seeking employment in Canada. To apply for a work permit, I require an offer of employment. I have a B.Eng from Stellenbosch University and am completing a M.Eng this year, I also have 3.5 years experience in structural engineering: building structures and bridges. If any one know of opportunities or can point me in the right direction, please let me know. I am currently applying through online job portals, but personal referrals and networking will work better, I presume,
  14. My girlfriend and I want to move to Alberta as first choice. Be it Calgary or Edmonton, or even the smaller places like Red Deer and Fort McMurray. I've spent almost 6 years doing IT Support at the North West University in Potchefstroom. I've also run my own Web Development company on a part time basis for 4 years. I did do it full time for almost all of 2012, before coming back to the university. I also ran my own hosting with cPanel and WHM. 2 Years other IT Support experience. So to some it up. 8-9 Years IT Support Experience. 4-5 Years Web Development and Hosting Experience. I will complete my 3 Year Diploma in IT through UNISA in June 2015. This can be completed globally. I will be doing my BTech in IT after completing the diploma. I have the other usual certificates like CompTIA A+, N+, ITIL Foundation Level. My skills include all things IT Support related like Windows (OS and Server), Mac OSX, Linux. Office Software Suite. Hardware and Software, etc. VMWare, Ticket Systems like BMC Remedy and OTRS, VPN, LAN and WiFi installations and repairs. Mobile Devices, Printers. Remote Support, Telephonic Support. Novell, GroupWise, Active Directory, Exchange. This is in a university with thousands of staff members. My web skills include languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Python. Just started learning jQuery and revision control systems like Git. Can build a responsive website from scratch using Bootstrap I also have experience in CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other out the box solutions like OpenCart. I'm also very skilled with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, NotePad++, Sublime Text. Also have beginner experience with So basically. I'm just looking for someone that will be willing to sponsor a dedicated, hard worker, who has the proof that he doesn't just sit back and relax at work, and is always busy trying to improve their skills and abilities. Be it in a small little one horse town or in a city.
  15. Hi Everyone. my name is Kelly and im currently in South Africa, my husband is looking for a job in Canada working with printers from Canon and/or Oce. we would like to move there asap. so if anyone can help us email me at Also if you hear of any positions for delivery truck jobs please let me know. thank you Kelly and Louis van Staden