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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! Two quick questions about the proof of funds letter I'm going to ask my bank for. Can I get it before I receive my ITA? I want to be as prepared as possible. Will they accept one dated before receiving an ITA? Secondly, is a 60-day notice deposit liquid enough? It's cash, but I don't have immediate access to it. But I assume that's fine for immediacy? My understanding is that they're against assets, like houses, counting as proof of funds. Thanks!
  2. CallMeIshmael

    And so it begins!

    Hi guys! I submitted my profile this morning and was kind of disappointed when I checked the CIC website only to find that the round of invitations was done today so I was only expecting to get the ITA on the next draw but I just got a message and I’ve been invited to apply!!! I’m freaking out a bit but I’ve got most of everything in order, just need to transfer the remaing funds to my saving account on the next payday and should have my complete application by March 15th. Anyone else applying between now and April feel free to post on here so that we can share our timeline! x
  3. Seth

    Proof of Funds after ITA

    Hey all, So we received our ITA not two weeks ago (YAY!!), and basically everything is ready to go - Medicals, SAPS clearance, Reference letters etc. One issue... So I'm aware there is the minimum $16 000.00 that we need to have (My wife and I). We currently have the $16 000 in my savings account - problem is, when we submit we need to pay the application fee $2250, (R24 000) which then takes it below that threshold. We both keep our jobs, so salaries are going to be saved, and we do have a car that is fully paid off that we intend to sell, but it's not going to happen now, as we still need it to get around here until, hopefully, we get our PR. So what should we do? Try to sell everything as fast as possible or borrow money or can we write a letter that states our incomes, valuation of the car and planned savings for the next 6 months or...? Any advice? ***PS: Not sure if I posted this in the right place, sorry if it's not 😳***
  4. tanchett

    To new beginnings...

    What are we doing? This is the question that runs through my head most days. When it's been a long day and I pop off to the shops on the way home from my comfortable job because I can't find the energy to dig through my mess of a freezer for something to cook. When my mum offers to babysit my son on Friday night so that the hubby and I can enjoy a date night (which is just a fancy way of saying we lie on the couch in our pajamas and binge watch whatever's on Netflix). When the entire family has a braai and we play 30 Seconds until our stomachs hurt from all the laughing. Those are the moments when I stop and look around and think, what are we even doing? Can I give this all up? And then the guilt comes trip trapping on my door. Life's easy here and comfortable but I know what the end goal is. My mind knows why we're doing this, my heart sometimes puts up a fight. Still, I long for car trips that don't include me scouring every inch around that robot (traffic light) before I dare to stop my car. Trips to coffee shops where I don't have to make sure I can physically feel my handbag at all times. Days when I don't get snippy with my seven year old for taking too long to get out of the car in the mall parking lot - just in case someone is watching and ready to pounce. My son's seven and so full of innocence and wonder. He has big dreams of being a robotic engineer even though I think he no idea what that really means. I close my eyes and see a day when he finishes high school having worked his little heart out, only to not be accepted into the university he wants to attend. I think even further to the day he's qualified and interviews for a job he's perfect for, that he will never ever even be considered for. And that's when the question arises - what are we even doing? Am I just being a paranoid mum? Do we have what it takes to make it through this? Is it normal to feel this way or is it smooth sailing for people wanting to leave? So here we are. We've spent years researching countries we could maybe get into, with no luck. Canada was always the mirage in the window, beautiful but untouchable. Then the Express Entry changes came into effect, and here we find ourselves: ITA received, application in the process of being completed. This forum has been an eye-opener. So many amazing stories of strength and perseverance and hope. It's exactly what we need during this time when we question our every decision. We're ready for this. Ready to face every hardship that gets thrown our way. Ready to start from the bottom. Ready to fight to make it work. To new beginnings... To new adventures.
  5. graciax452

    ITA stats from canadavisa

    Hi all saw some very interesting stats on Canada visa regarding ITS's issues and the NOCS they relate to. Interesting read. Gives me great hope as an IT person of getting a job after PR. The other NOCS in demand seem to be food based.
  6. Hi, My sister lives in Edmonton do I need to provide anything more than birth certificates as proof of relationship? She sent me her birth certificate yesterday and lo and behold, my mom's first name has a spelling error on hers; (Anita vs Enita) everything else on our certificates is the same, will this be an issue? Also I have two passports spanning the over the past 10 years, do I need to submit the old ones pages as well if all travel within the past years is in the 2nd one, just to cover all 10 years?
  7. Zegee

    Spouse work experience

    hello all so we have received our ITA and things are becoming more real with each day. We are currently completing all relevant info and i have a question with work experience which is throwing me slightly. My wife is the main applicant and i am wondering if i need to submit supporting docs for my work experience as well solely because on the CIC website it makes mention spouse submits if canadian experience or am i reading it incorrectly. We are married by muslim rights which i assume is common law which is seemingly another challenge. Thank you in advance for any help or clarity with this as it would be easier if i didn't have to as many of the people i worked with or under have left including the HR people.Side note does your job title make a difference , my company internally lists me as a specialist however management refers to me as an account manager. sorry if this has been asked and answered i did have a look and cant find anything relating specifically to this.