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Found 4 results

  1. Spherocyte

    Work permit processing

    Is anyone in the process of waiting for approval of their work permit? The lawyer working on behalf of my employer gives a processing time of 8 weeks however the IRCC website gives 17 weeks. I was asked to submit biometrics 3 days after I made my submission online and did the medical prior to submitting. Anyone had a job specific work permit approved this year and how long did processing take for you?
  2. Ruan123

    Moving to Canada in Jan-Feb 2019

    Hi We have been in the process of applying for Express Entry to Manitoba. (Process started about a year ago, when we decided we want to move to Manitoba from SA - process officialy started early this year). My husband has a possible job offer and should we leave in Jan-Feb 19 we would need some pointers on below: Travel insurance and medical coverage. Which airline to fly? Who allows dogs in cabin? How to go about in renting a house so that when we get there we have somewhere to live. (or are hotels cheap enough for us to book into while we look for somewhere to live?) What is the process in buying a car once we get there? My husband needs to take over some tools, will it be cheaper to sell here and by new ones there? (he is a Diesel Mechanic and will need them to work) Just some general information regarding the whole process, things we need to do or get in place before we leave and once we get there, will be greatly appreciated! Regards
  3. AlexSA2C

    IELTS Writing marking

    My husband wrote his IELTS today. In task 1 he wrote the letter, signed it and then realized he was short 30 words. He wrote an additional paragraph and put an arrow coming from the place in the letter that it should be added in. The additional text was relevant to the letter. Has anybody done this and has it been included in the marking?
  4. Robin Hood

    Looking for work in Canada

    Hi Guys, Tnx for such a wonderful idea, simply knowing that there are people out there with whom I share the same situation really makes me a bit relaxed! Its not olwyz easy being a newbie believe you me guys. May I kindly ask you guys out there for your assistance getting a job in Canada I am a Qualified Machinist/Tool and Die Maker and I have been applying regularly through the Jobbank Canada website. Loootsa jobs I must say but most of what I have been receiving are the automated e-mail replies. Tnx again Good people.