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Found 51 results

  1. Part 1 - Getting everything ready! WES, PCC, IELTS Our journey started in May 2020 during lockdown. Myself (28) my wife (28) and my son (1) made our decision to make a move, at first, we decided on Australia, but due to the difficulty in applying and cost, it never sat completely well with us. We just kept on reading and talking without actually doing anything. But through our research, especially in regards to my wife’s occupation, we came across possible opportunities for her in Canada. We started reading and watching as much as we could, and something about Canada just sat well with us. The process cost was a lot cheaper than Australia, and the process simpler. So, in just two weeks of starting we decided to start our process by ourselves. The following steps are as thorough as possible to help others in the future. We decided that we would pay extra wherever we could to make things move along, for example, DocAssist etc. in order to reduce stress somewhat and perhaps make things as quick as possible. I will add in the steps as we go along. I hope you enjoy! Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) - 2 Adults We decided to start with his step due to possible delays in getting them granted, and rather get them out the way first thing. I contacted PostNet Pretoria in regards to their assistance, and they sent an email with all the steps and costs in this regard. This is how our process went: Printed out form SAPS 91(a) and went to Durban North Police Station bright and early at 8 when the lady started work, paid our R300 (R150 per applicant) to the cashier and received a receipt, took our fingerprints on the form and took back both the completed set of prints and receipts. In and out in 30 min. Printed out the Application for Police Clearance Certificate and filled out all info. Made certified copies of both ID’s, and marriage certificate and scanned all above documents. Dropped off the following at PostNet for courier to Pretoria PostNet, Cost R113: • Original form 91(a) • Application: Police Clearance Certificate • Certified ID’s and Marriage Certificate • Receipt of Payment for PCC Timeline: 1/07/2020 - Did fingerprints and couriered to Pretoria 20/07/2020 – Email to say our certificates are ready to be sent back. 28/07/2020 – Collected from PostNet Total Cost: R1 213 Application - R300 Courier to Pretoria - R113 PostNet Pretoria Fees - R800 IELTS: 2 July 2020: We were both really nervous for the English tests, due to the extreme difference in possible points if it goes bad, plus the cost of R4 429 per test. But this was the first real step in making this all come true. So, I hopped on to the IELTS website and booked my wife’s test for the following month (8 August) and made payment. I then went to book a test for myself, but there were no more dates available for August. Now I generally like to get things done as quick as possible, so my first instinct was to book in JHB and catch a flight for the day for early August, but my wife convinced me to rather book in September in Durban, and save a possible flight if one of us needs to redo the test at short notice (smart lady I married). In the end both tests booked: • Wife: 08 August 2020 (Cancelled Due to Covid) • Myself: 12 September 2020 Little did I know how frustrating IELTS would become, 1 week before my wifes exam, the dreaded email arrives, cancelling her exam until a still to be announced future date. At this point you become frustrated, because form here on out, every week lost is another week added to the process, and the question of draws and points and limits start to play on your mind. The communication from the British Council was poor at best. No updates, the same generic answers to your queries, you feel like you are left in a void, just waiting for them to grace you with their decisions. 2 days before my exam, I receive an email to rebook my exam. At literal lightning pace, I follow the link and am relieved to find a new date in Durban the following week, so I was able to rebook for both my wife and myself for the 17th September, and at the end of the day only 5 days lost through the whole ordeal, not bad in hindsight. Total Cost: R8 858 2 x Tests - R4 429 each. Results: Reading Listening Writing Speaking Overall Wife 8.0 9.0 8.0 8.5 8.5 Myself 8.0 8.5 7.5 9.0 8.5 As you can see from above, unfortunately there is now clear proof that my wife listens better than I do, and that I speak too much. However, we were both ecstatic with our results, knowing that we now had guaranteed our points were going to be enough for the next draws. We received our provisional results on our IELTS profile on the 9th October, but had to wait until the 19thbefore we got our couriered results. You have to wait to get the TRF as you need the certificate number and date of results on the certificate in order to submit your EE application. WES Assessment: Next on our list was applying for our ECA through WES. We decided to get both my wife’s education assessed as well as mine in order to get maximum points. Wife’s Assessment: • Bachelor of Arts (UNISA) The easiest way of getting the official stamped transcripts from UNISA was to go to our local UNISA office, for us that is Bram Fischer Road in Durban. They would put them in a sealed envelope, stamp and sign the seal and I would then send them to WES. However, due to lockdown, no UNISA offices in Durban were open, so we had to do it the hard way. I managed to track down an email address for someone at UNISA who knew about WES and their requirements etc. and WES had instituted a process whereby they were accepting digital documents, as long as they came from the University directly. He was immensely helpful, replied to my initial query at 7AM with exactly what we needed to send to him, which consisted of: • Completed WES form (WES Provides) • Copy of Degree Certificate Received an email back at 7PM Friday Night letting us know that our documents had been sent to WES. Timeline – Enquiry 7am 10 July Documents sent 7pm 10 July WES Confirmed receipt and acceptance 14 July. Completed Evaluation – 21 July If I hadn’t found this gents email, we would still be floundering around with UNISA until their offices reopened. • Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology) (UKZN) • Master of Social Science (Health Promotions) (UKZN) UKZN tended to be more difficult, due to their alumni offices being closed due to lockdown. However, we tried our luck and sent off an email with the WES forms attached and hoped for the best. 2 days later we received an email back from UKZN informing us they had digitally sent off the transcripts. My Assessment: • Bachelor of Law (UNISA) See above, followed the same process as my wife’s application. Cost: UKZN Transcripts x 2 - R140 UNISA Transcripts x 2 - Free Courier to WES – No cost, all digitally sent. ECA Assessment WES x2 - R2 976,44 each (230 CAD) = R5 952,88 Total Cost – R6 092,88 Total Cost: R16 163,88
  2. jncilliers

    June/July AOR 2019

    Hi Everybody I've been a silent observer to date. Enjoy reading everyone stories and the challenges we all face. Since the June/July applicants are approaching that potential home stretch I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a Watsapp group for us to share any updates or changes with regards to our application progress. Our details as follows: AOR: July 2 2019 MEP: Aug 2 2019 Biometrics: Aug 12 Aug 12 - Now: Silence I ordered GCSM notes end of September and got a reply in about 20 days that they need an extension of 90 days to complete my request. To date I have not tried calling IRCC, I figured I will wait till end of the 6 months. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  3. CallMeIshmael

    And so it begins!

    Hi guys! I submitted my profile this morning and was kind of disappointed when I checked the CIC website only to find that the round of invitations was done today so I was only expecting to get the ITA on the next draw but I just got a message and I’ve been invited to apply!!! I’m freaking out a bit but I’ve got most of everything in order, just need to transfer the remaing funds to my saving account on the next payday and should have my complete application by March 15th. Anyone else applying between now and April feel free to post on here so that we can share our timeline! x
  4. bellyhearts

    New to the forum

    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum. I have been reading and keeping up with the forum while waiting for my profile to be approved. The forum has been so helpful to us with starting our journey. My husband and I both work in IT, we are hoping to settle in BC. We have two daughters aged 4 and 1. We are also hoping to get my Mom and 17 year old sister, to join us eventually. My husband did his IELTS test on 28 September, we are waiting for the results, hoping to get them on Friday, 11 October. All documents have also been sent and received by WES. They are in the process of evaluating. The wait is what's getting to us the most now, hoping to do our Express Entry profile mid-October.
  5. Seth

    Proof of Funds after ITA

    Hey all, So we received our ITA not two weeks ago (YAY!!), and basically everything is ready to go - Medicals, SAPS clearance, Reference letters etc. One issue... So I'm aware there is the minimum $16 000.00 that we need to have (My wife and I). We currently have the $16 000 in my savings account - problem is, when we submit we need to pay the application fee $2250, (R24 000) which then takes it below that threshold. We both keep our jobs, so salaries are going to be saved, and we do have a car that is fully paid off that we intend to sell, but it's not going to happen now, as we still need it to get around here until, hopefully, we get our PR. So what should we do? Try to sell everything as fast as possible or borrow money or can we write a letter that states our incomes, valuation of the car and planned savings for the next 6 months or...? Any advice? ***PS: Not sure if I posted this in the right place, sorry if it's not 😳***
  6. reystander

    Pretoria VO Application Processing

    Hi All Some background on my application: FSWO - single applicant AOR: 29 Jan MEP: 19 Mar BIL: 21 Mar GCMS ordered 25 April My file was handed to Pretoria VO on 28 March and since then I am unable to obtain any updates on progress. Before this I was able to call CIC whilst my file was in Sydney, NS. With there being an extremely limited amount of info on Pretoria VO I was hoping people with applications at Pretoria VO or those who have received PPR from Pretoria VO could share their experiences and shed some light. TIA
  7. A beginner's guide...excuse any typos. A South African's Guide to Express Entry_ MB.pdf
  8. Wasim

    Help Please - Job Bank

    Hi all Thanks for accepting my request to join. I have been on the forum for a while reading up on topics relevant to me but this is my first post. I have unfortunately been scammed by Brighter Visas (Only joined the forum after I signed with them otherwise I would have already been warned). Now I have an issue on Job Bank, where it requires me to re-validate my details. I need my Express Entry Profile Number and my Job Seeker Validation Code, both of which were not given to me. Is there a way I can get these? Great forum btw....I wish I had stumbled upon it before I was duped as it would have saved me a lot of money and undue stress/heartache
  9. GeorgieB

    Applying for Express Entry

    Hi everyone 😊 My husband and I are in the process of applying for EE. We have 443 points would it be advisable to both submit profiles and see who gets chosen first. I was not aware I needed to send my degree to Wes as well so I will be doing that soon. My husbands report should be ready on the 20 August and we are writing out ielts on the 18th. Should I get our work references ready in the mean time? This whole processes is a bit overwhelming and any advice would be appreciated. ❤️
  10. I am in desperate need of advice, My Boyfriend can't seem to get his results from the college he went to, they cant find his exam or some other nonsense excuse, so now we have a bit of a problem because can I state that he has a matric in the application if it hasn't been assessed? Further, we have been staying together for a year but we don't have a lease agreement as its a verbal agreement and the water and lights are included so we don't have any utility bills to prove it, would an affidavit be enough to prove we are common-law partners? As for my qualifications, I am finishing my honours this year but I'm not sure if I should get my degree assessed and then if we cant get in send the honours for assessment or is it just better to send everything to WES together? What would be the most cost-effective, yet still give us the best chance in the pool? I wanted to write the TEF exam for some extra points but when I spoke to them, they said its really only for advanced French speakers, I was planning on doing an intensive 3 month course to cover this part and hopefully boost our score quite a bit but after speaking to them I'm not sure if its worth it ? Then lastly, when is the best time to enter the pool? We really want to get to Canada ASAP but we are afraid that we won't get in or have to wait in the pool forever. If anyone could give us some guidance we would really appreciate it.
  11. Good Day everyone, I am a qualified Commercial Pilot currently living and working in Indonesia as a Cessna Grand Caravan C208 Training Captain and Safety Officer. I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and have been working in Indonesia for the past three years now working my way up to the top here in my current airline gathering as much experience as possible (+3500hrs TT). I am now ready to move on with my career and work for a company in Canada as I am aware there is an increasing shortage of qualified pilots in the country and my partner is from Canada. The problem is that I am unable to get a work permit or Permanent Residency in Canada as Pilots are unable to receive an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) by a approved organisation and thus cannot earn enough points to get a PR via the Express Entry program or any other immigration program. The organisations simply refused to assess my qualifications. This is ridiculous in my view because just as much and, maybe even more, hard work goes into achieving a Commercial Pilots Licence as it does for a University Degree or higher but alas they will not assess my pilot qualifications and equate any of it to a degree or higher. I unfortunately do not have any other tertiary education apart from my flying qualifications. I have tried going through an immigration company but found them to be of little help, even though I paid a whole bunch of money for their services, supplied them with all my flying certificates, licences and other documents and particulars and completed the CELPIP General English Test in Canada, only to be told I do not qualify for the Express Entry program. I am writing this now in an effort to finally establish a way and means to be able to work as a pilot in Canada. Could anybody possibly point me in the right direction? My partner is from Canada and we have just started living together which will let me apply for Permanent Residency after we have lived together for a year under the common-law route. However, with application processing times being anywhere from 6 months to a year, I am looking at only getting my PR in two years. Surely there is a faster way to obtain the right to live and work in Canada. Especially with such a large looming shortage of qualified pilots in Canada on the horizon which is starting to be experienced by Canadian airlines even now. Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. AlexSA2C

    EE Profile Creating

    I am busy creating my Express Entry application while i wait for WES to get back to me. As a teacher, which option should i select? NOC: 4214 Early childhood educators and assistants. Vocational or Other?
  13. Kyle T

    How long is OINP NOI valid for?

    Hi all, Does anyone have a definitive answer about how long we have to respond to NOI from Ontario? I have seen on some threads that people assume 6 months, however someone has recently commented that it has been updated and the window is now only 45 days. If anyone could clarify this I would really appreciate it. At 440, we are obviously keen to hold out for direct ITA (to avoid the additional costs of OINP application and also for the fact that we do not really know how we would prove our intentions to stay in the province without a job offer or physical address), but we are slightly concerned about ignoring the NOI and missing out. Fingers crossed for a positive draw today...
  14. Liz88

    OINP and EE

    I’ve been playing around with various CRS score counters and would like to know if these tools are a real reflection of the points you may be awarded? I’m asking as my husband is the main applicant and the tools only ever ask for his age and not mine. I’d just like to know - when you do your official application to get into the EE Pool are the questions a lot more in depth and will they then give opportunity for me to put my age etc etc? Is there an opportunity to explain yourself or what your reasons are for coming to Canada or doesn’t that matter? Am I also correct in stating that you cannot apply for OINP? They assess everyone in the pool and invite only who they deem fit? But you can apply to other provinces?
  15. Timestamp 6:24pm EST The SINP EE stream opened today with 400 spots and remains open up to now. You do not need a job offer to apply for the stream. Make sure your occupation is on the list of in-demand occupation (revised Jan 4) - More info here -
  16. Nala

    Express Entry Draws 2017

    Help!!! First draw for 2017 seems to have resulted in invites for all scores 468 and above .... including me Im at a bit of a loss though - having submitted my profile almost exactly a year ago ... I have since moved on with my life and naturally the idea of moving to Canada became a distant maybe ..... in the very far future. The invitation came as a huge surprise. It would seem that a change in November resulted in increased scores for education???? Anyone else on this forum included in the first lot of 2017 invites??
  17. Hi all, I haven't seen much information yet with regards to South Africans applying for Permanent Residency (PR) via the Express Entry program from inside South Africa. This post is intended to share my experiences from before the application to the permanent residency being granted, hopefully it will help some people. Sorry about the very, very long post. I have tried to be as detailed as possible, but I am sure I have forgotten many things along the way. If anyone has any questions I'll gladly try help. To set the context with which I was applying. I am a 26 year old male and applied as a single person via the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category as a Mechanical Engineer. I live in Johannesburg and am a South African citizen. Preparation to enter the EE pool: Before entering the EE pool I had to get various things in place. I will describe these below. Language test: I did the IELTS English test (one can book at this link: For a PR application one needs to do the "General Training" version of the test. I live in Johannesburg but did the test in Pretoria as an earlier test date was available. Results take 13 days to be released, they were posted to me at my stated address. Test date - 2015/02/28 Test cost - R2 400 Education Credential Assessment (ECA): I decided to use World Education Services (WES) (see to do my degree conversion because it seemed to be the quickest and cheapest. I had to send copies of my degree certificates to WES (I did this by registered letter. If I were to do it again I would use a courier, for the sake of speed and traceability). I also had to get my university to send my academic transcripts directly to WES (WES supplies a form that you fill in and give to provide the faculty office with the relevant information). WES indicated 20 working days to perform the degree conversion, I seem to remember that it took about this length. I have a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Wits University. These degrees were valued at an equivalent level by WES. Registered letter cost - less than R100 Transcript request and couriering - around R300 Degree conversion cost - 200 CAD Delivery fee - 7 CAD (I chose standard delivery. Courier delivery is 85 CAD) Police clearance: Although not necessary to enter the EE pool, I applied for police clearance now because it is needed for the actual application and I had heard stories of it taking a couple months to be received. I applied at a normal police station and it took about a month to receive (see for instructions). A police clearance certificate is required for every country, other than Canada, that one has lived in for six months or more. One thing that I came across was that some countries required more than just a police clearance certificate (Australia for example). The requirements of each country can be seen at Cost - less than R100 Entering the EE pool: Once I had all of the above mentioned things in place (except for the police clearance certificate) I could enter the EE pool. This all worked out pretty easily for me. I had a CRS score of 456. To create an account and enter the pool you start from here: Invitation to Apply (ITA): I received my invitation to apply on 2015/03/27, which was very exciting as the application can start moving forward from this point. The application: In order for one to submit the application one needs to get a medical done and get a police clearance certificate. I had already received my police clearance certificate as mentioned earlier (a police clearance certificate for the country you currently live must be issued within 6 months of your application). One also has to get proof of funds, proof of work experience, proof of education, digital photograph, and scans of one's ID and passports. Medical: I called a few medical physicians and the earliest appointment I was able to get was in two weeks. I can't quite remember what I needed to take to the medical but they will let you know. One can find a CIC approved physician to perform the medical at The physician enters all your medical results onto an online system which the CIC has access to, so I never actually saw my results. One just needs a "Proof of medical" form (or the IMM 1017B upfront medical report form) from the physician which you upload during the application. Cost - R2 051 Date of medical - 2015/04/15 Police clearance: As mentioned above. Proof of funds: One has to prove to the CIC that you have the minimum required funds (see As far as I know, these funds have to be readily available, so can't be in the form of property or the like. I have an investor who manages my unit trusts and the like, so I got them to write a signed letter on their company letterhead indicating when they opened each of the unit trusts and accounts for me. They attached six months of statements from each of my unit trusts and accounts. I then got my bank branch (Standard Bank) to write a letter on their letterhead indicating when I opened my accounts with them. They were very helpful and willing to do so. They also attached 6 months of statements (with the branch stamp on each page) for each account. I scanned in all these documents with a cover page summarising what I had in each account, the total value in ZAR and an equivalent in CAD (although I am not sure that this is strictly necessary). I indicated the exchange rate I used and the date on which I did the calculation. I saw a case where an application was refused because the required funds were "gifted" to the applicant by his father. This showed up in his six months of bank statements. I am not 100% sure but I think one can have funds gifted to you, but you then have to prove that you are not just borrowing this money. Proof of work experience: The CIC requires proof of your current and previous work experience. This is done by means of a reference letter and pay slips (where available) from your current and previous employers . The reference letters should contain the following: Printed on the company letterhead. Company’s contact information (address, telephone number, and email address). The signature of either your immediate supervisor or personnel officer. The business card of the signing person is also required. All positions held at the company. Job title. Duties and responsibilities (make sure that these match those specified by the National Occupation Classification (NOC) (see on your application because I saw a couple applicants get rejected because these did not match). Job status. Dates worked for the company. Number of hours worked per week. Annual salary and benefits. All the documents should be scanned into a single file (a separate file for each work experience) It proved to be a little awkward having to ask my current employer to write me a letter to help me immigrate, but I supposed it must be done. Proof of Education: Here I scanned my degree certificates and my WES results into a single PDF file. A mistake that people commonly make is that they only upload their WES results, it seems the CIC actually want your degree certificates. Digital Photo: The specifications for the digital photo are as follows: Dimensions: The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8" x 1 ¾"). The photographs must show the full front view of the head, with the face in the middle of the photograph, and include the top of the shoulders. The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31 mm (1 ¼") and 36 mm (1 7/16"). Digital dimensions are often expressed in pixels or DPI (dots per inch). The physical dimensions in pixels must be at least 420 x 540 Quality/Resolution: If an existing photo is being scanned, the minimum resolution must be 600 pixels per inch. File Format: The file may be submitted in JPEG or JPEG2000 format File Size: The final size of the image should be ideally 240 kB (kilobytes), but not less than 60 kB.Colour: The image must be in colour (24 bits per pixel) in sRGB colour space which is the common output for most digital cameras.National ID: I scanned in the information page of my South African ID book. Passports/Travel Documents: I scanned the information page and pages containing Visas that I had received in the past for both my current and my previous passport (I only have one previous passport). I scanned each passport into a separate PDF file and upload both of them separately (I am not sure if you have to upload your previous passports, I did just in case). Application: Many of the fields in the application are carried over from the application to the EE pool, but there is still quite a lot of information to be filled in. After all the forms have been filled in the above mentioned documents need to be uploaded. Payment: After the application is complete you can submit and arrive at the payment page. You have the option of paying the processing fee and the Right of permanent residency (RPRF) fee, or just paying the processing fee. If you pay just the processing fee you will be requested to pay the RPRF at a later stage when your application has progressed further. I selected to pay both fees now in an effort to save time. When it came to the actual payment I was using a Standard Bank credit card and the payment kept failing. I called Standard Bank and they said they could see that attempts were made to charge the card but could not tell me why it was not going through. I tried different browsers to no avail. I considered taking out a credit card with Virgin money just to make this payment, but I eventually borrowed a friend's Canadian credit card and that went through without a hitch. Processing fee – 550 CAD RPRF – 490 CAD Application submitted - 2015/04/24 Application incomplete: After my application was submitted I was going through the submitted forms and saw that the table of my family data was empty. I immediately sent an email ( and a case specific enquiry ( with this missing information to the CIC. I got no response, but am assuming they added this information to my file. The wait: The wait was the most nerve wrecking part as I had no control over the progress of my application. All I could do was sit and wait for the various statuses to change. There are two places where application updates are shown: MyCIC and on ECAS (〈=en). Below I outline the various statuses of my application. Acknowledgment of receipt (AOR) - MyCIC: The AOR is a letter that is sent to one's MyCIC account. You'll get an email indicating that there is an unread message in your MyCIC account. You then have to log in and download the message as a PDF file. I received my Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) letter the day after my application was submitted. Some people receive this a couple minutes after submission, others a couple days afterwards. Date of AOR - 2015/04/25 Medical Passed: My medical passed status happened about a month after I received my AOR. I can't remember the exact date. Date of medical passed - approximately 2015/05/25 A day or so after my medical passed my ECAS status changed to "Application Received" In Process - ECAS My ECAS changed to "In Process" on 2015/06/19. Background Check "In Progress" People often worry because their background check status remains at "Not Started" for a very long time. Mine only changed to "In Progress" on 2015/08/25, about two weeks before my PPR. On other forums it seemed that inland applicants (inside Canada) had their background checks start and complete relatively soon during the process. I think that outside applicants' background checks are also started early but their status' only get updated later due to the EE system being very new with some kinks that still need to be ironed out. Maybe this will be corrected in the future. Date of Background check "In Progress" - 2015/08/25 Decision Made - ECAS My ECAS changed to "Decision Made" with no indication as to the favorability of the decision. From what I have read on other forums this does not mean that the decision has actually been made but means that things are being finalised. I have however only seen one case where an applicant was rejected after their ECAS status changed to “decision made". Date of "Decision Made" on ECAS - 2015/08/27 Passport Request (PPR) As far as I have been able to understand from other forums, when one receives your PPR your application is pretty much approved and complete. All that has to happen is that the CIC needs to stick in your Visa and issue your “Confirmation of Permanent Residence” (CPR), though I tried not to get my hopes up too much before I received my Passport with Visa and CPR. Some people have received their PPR via their MyCIC account, I received mine directly via email. Mine said that I should send my passport to Ottawa, but indicated that if I am residing outside of Canada or the USA I should notify them on the given email address so that they can arrange for my documents to be issued at my Local Visa Office (LVO). I sent them an email and got an automated reply indicating that it usually takes 20 days for them to respond to requests due to a high volume of emails. I called VFS ( a day later and told them the story and asked what I should do. They asked for my application number and said that they were going to call the high commission and that I should call back in 30 minutes. When I called back and they said that I can bring my passport and two passport photos conforming to ( I delivered my passport and photos on 2015/09/11. I also paid for a courier service to return my passport to me so that I would not have to drive out to Pretoria for collection. VFS gave me a tracking number with which I could track the progress. Date of PPR - 2015/09/09 Date passport sent - 2015/09/11 Cost of Passport handling by VFS - R296.10 Cost of Courier of passport back from VFS - 105.90 Permanent residency granted and application closed On 2015/09/17 I got an email from VFS that they had received my passport. I had specified, on submission, that my passport should be couriered to me so I called VFS and they gave me a FedEx tracking number. My passport was delivered on 2015/09/04 with my CPR and a letter explaining the entry into Canada. On 2015/09/17 my MyCIC account statuses changed to application closed and PR granted. The landing The final stage is now to perform my landing in Canada. I'll explain my understanding of how this works from what I have read: One needs to perform one's landing within a year from the date of your medical. One enters Canada as one would normally enter a country requiring a Visa, using the Visa now pasted in your passport. One presents your CPR to immigration in Canada. You will be issued a Social Insurance Number (SIN). One also provides an address in Canada to which your PR card should be delivered. It should be delivered to this address in about six weeks. From now on one uses your PR card like a "Visa" to enter Canada. Total cost of Express Entry Language test IELTS test - R2 400 Degree conversion Registered letter - less than R100 Transcript request and couriering - around R300 WES ECA - 200 CAD Delivery - 7 CAD (I chose standard delivery. Courier delivery is 85 CAD) Police clearance Police clearance - less than R100 Medical Medical - R2 051 Application Processing fee – 550 CAD. RPRF – 490 CAD Passport submission Passport handling by VFS - R296.10 Courier of passport back from VFS - 105.90 Total cost of application - R17 823 (Approximating 1 CAD = 10 ZAR) On top of the total cost one obviously still needs the minimum required funds (as indicated at available to you. Timeline summary ITA received - 2015/03/27 Application submitted - 2015/04/24 AOR - 2015/04/25 Date of medical passed - approximately 2015/05/25 "Application Received" (ECAS) - a day or so after medical passed "In Progress" (ECAS) - 2015/06/19 Background check "In Progress" - 2015/08/25 "Decision Made" (ECAS) - 2015/08/27 PPR - 2015/09/09 Passport submitted - 2015/09/11 Application status "Approved" – 2015/09/17 Passport received - 2015/09/18 ​
  18. LieweLulu

    Hello from Pretoria

    Hi and thank you to all the wonderful people on this forum. I have been reading the interesting topics and info for a few months now and it's been keeping me up late at night! We are a family of 5 busy with the Immigration process. We've done WES and IELTS, only waiting for our unabridged Marriage certificate and getting the Proof of Funds ready. We are hoping to create our Express Entry profile soon. We are working through an agent that we're happy with although I realized through this forum that we could've done it without an agent, but I must say I do appreciate the extra help and guidance. Our CRS score is on 411 which is a bit low and I am getting a bit worried... My husband might have to re-do his IELTS, he made a few stupid mistakes. And we're not getting younger so age is starting to count against us, but we're still hopeful that the path we are on will take us to Canada. Would be nice to know how many 40+'ers there are on this Forum that had a sucessful journey or are still on their way. And yes we have thought of Australia and New Zealand but our hearts are set on Canada. Thanks again for everybody's input.
  19. Dear friends We have thought and tried to go back overseas for the greater part of the last 10 years. UK was our first choice (lived and fell in love in London) tried, didn't succeed on our green mambas, even with a job offer. Then tried Nz, but it was never a true fit... something about living in mouldy houses on a tiny island. I was watching Masterchef Australia one day, and my severe case of anywhere-but-here-athitis kicked in again. Scoured the forums, scoured the internet and found that accountants where in short supply. But when I calculated my points, I figured out that I didnt have enough since I faffed too long before getting a degree. Australia only counts your after degree experience. So I phoned an agency to make sure. Upon which he dealt me the blow that Oz was definitely out, but Canada was wide open. Hmm... I said, let me phone my person! So we started the process in Feb, paid my whole bonus to an immigration agent. Which was a good thing. Because for 10 years I've dreamt it, but paying that money meant that i had to DO something. But, it also puts the ball in someone else's shoes and you don't know what you don't know. We got out ducks in a row, luckily, since we've been preparing for years, I had a folder with references, unabridged certificates etc. ready for action. Sent in my degrees to WES, did the IELTS and was hoping for a great score. Here's why I wish I didn't spend that money: I'm sitting at 407 on my own. They didn't tell me that I'd need my husband's IELTS score too... told me it's completely optional. Since understanding the process better, I now know that we're probably not in SUCh a great position as our max score would be 430's. The first available appointment in Cape Town is 2 December. I wrote mine 29 July... so we could have done that together! 4 months wasted. Also, because I've entrusted this process to someone else, I didn't quite understand the process. I've had to book and do everything on my own anyways (they do give you step by step instructions). But today I realised why I'm going to have to go at it alone. i've submitted my forms on Monday (in the mean time waiting for my husband's IELTS, we can perhaps have a look at pnp's), I realised that I have no clue and no way of knowing how this process will unfold. Im quite an impatient person, I go for what I want and I chase it down. I wanted to know today, 2 days later that yes, your profile was ceeated! I can only sing of this agency's professionalism but I find it frustrating to wait 24 hours for a reply...24 hours may be the make or break in a Nova Scotia pnp situation for instance. I am a task oriented person, deadline driven and today I realised that I definitely have control issues, especially about things that can change our lives! So here goes us, on our own, with your help! Not sure how to let an agent go, and how to then recreate the profile but I guess at least I will have a chance to act on any given opportunity much faster! Anyways, thanks for reading ?
  20. Hi everyone. Like I said in my introduction thread, I am looking to emigrate to Canada through EE FSW. I don't have a job offer or a PNP, but if I do the CRS points calculator from with all of my info as it is today, I get a score of 403. If I do it as it should be in 18 months time, when I have finished my post graduate diploma and refreshed my French sufficiently, I can get to 440, 460. So the question is, should I create an EE profile now with that score, and hope for/apply for PNP so long, or should I do the decorous thing and wait the 18 months I need to to get the higher CRS score and the greater chance for an ITA? Keeping in mind that the IELTS is vrek expensive, to have to repeat in 2 years' time. I am really interested in your opinions and thoughts on this matter. The other question I have is: if you get an ITA, and all of the information you gave on your EE profile is 100% true and you have the documentary proof of all of it, is it very likely that your PR would be declined? If so, on what grounds, do you think? I'm really, really scared of this happening, although I can think of no reason it should.
  21. Reibtseb

    Start of my adventure

    So I have been active on the forums for a few weeks to a month or two, but haven't really said why I'm leaving and what the process has been like so far etc. I grew up on a farm in the Western Coast, was home-schooled all the way to Grade 12, went to Stellenbosch to study engineering, and ended up working in Pretoria for a few years, lately Johannesburg. Leaving the country has been an idea I entertained in the back of my head for years. I recently found a poem I wrote when I was about 13 or 14, in which I wanted to leave the country...looking back now, it was for stupid reasons. Then me didn't care, it was quite emotionally charged... I wrote another one while studying, about the then state of affairs, with the seemingly impending Zim in SA. That was almost 10 years ago. Ever since I finished the degree and started working, I have been putting the idea of emigration in a deep, dark corner of my mind, and tried to focus on being in GP and living life there, and working on relationships etc, mostly due to the "why do you want to run away from everything" argument of anyone I mentioned it to. Now if there is one thing I learnt from my last, uh, volatile relationship, it's that leaving the country needs to be a mutual thing. In the last 2 or so years, the idea of emigration started to come to the fore again, with Zuma and his kind wreaking havoc on my RA's, and the future looking increasingly bleak in SA. I started looking at it in a very serious way, since I had the experience and degree to leave, but the other one felt like SA was an amazing place with a good future...maybe in an alternative universe methinks... In the end it didn't work out, and I had no reason to stay anymore. Then I got a new job, amazing company, amazing colleagues, very flexible work environment: everything I wanted in a company. I was thinking, "hey, maybe staying won't be that bad anymore"... Then Gordhan got fired. Investments tanked again. I briefly had an internal war between the back of my mind and the optimist in me. The back side won, and the decision was made. I no longer wanted to work in a country that makes me feel despondent every time I look at my financial statements. Besides, the back of my mind has been wanting to leave for 15 or so years. Who could argue with that? The day I saw the Gordhan news, was the day I booked my IELTS test. Earliest date I could get was the 29th of April 2017. At the same time I organized for Stellenbosch to get my transcript ready for collection by DHL, to courier to CES in Toronto. The documents got to the University of Toronto in 4 days. So I prepared for the IELTS tests: Speaking was easy, my ex GF was English, so wasn't worried about that. The rest was pretty straightforward according to the practice material. The practice material is very helpful. I went through the links they send you once, the night before. Got my IELTS results on the 11th of May. Luckily I got what I wanted: Overall 8.5 (L9,R8,W8,S8.5). Felt GREAT! After getting this result, I proceeded with the ECA application. I submitted that online to CES on the 12th of May 2017. I chose the rush option, didn't want to wait 16 weeks if R5k extra could get it to me in 4 days. I thought the R1250 per month was worth the faster process. All worked out really well in the end, as I would still have been waiting for the ECA now... The ECA was finished on the 19th of May, and the hard copies couriered to me, which I received on the 26th of May. I submitted my EE profile on the 22nd of May 2017. I went to the CRC in Pretoria at 22:00 to hand in my PCC application on the 25th of May. Received an Ontario nomination on the 26th of May, but didn't accept it, as I was confident of being in the next draw for an ITA, which I was in the 31 May draw. My CRS score was 441, with the cutoff at 413 for that draw. I took an educated gamble, that the PCC would take the time as stated (based on feedback from this forum, and other sources), and proceeded to book my medical exams at Hatmed in Pretoria, for the 9th of June, 2017. Received the PCC complete notification on the 5th of June, and went to collect it at 18:00 that evening. Much more traffic than at 22:00, but I was too excited to care. Dodgy area and all... The medical on the 9th was straightforward. I took a days leave, which was totally unnecessary. Got to the centre at 9:00, saw the doctor, went for x-rays, and then to the nurse for blood samples. I had to have an extra vial drawn as I have one kidney since birth, and the doctor wanted a Creatinine test to make sure its function was normal. All of this was finished in less than an hour and a half. I didn't complain, as it gave me time to work on my application, especially the settlement funds. On the 10th of June, I finally got "a" document from a FNB branch. Wasn't what I wanted, but oh well. My explanation letter was very informative. I explained everything I uploaded, and why. Letter of reference from my current employer was a pain in the butt, so I removed that from my work experience, and added that to the letter, and attached what I had to the letter file. Luckily I had enough experience in my first job to keep my points the same. I submitted my application and paid both the application and permanent residence fees on the 11th of June, at 13:31. Got my AoR two minutes later. The waiting game was ON! Then on the 26th of June, I got an email from FNB, with the letter that CIC asked for. I submitted it to CIC using a CSE (Case Specific Enquiry) on the same day. This morning I logged into my application, and saw MEDICALS PASSED! So from 11 June to 8 July, less than a month from submission. And now I know my kidney is okay. Can't wait for the next step! I might actually have to start looking into selling my house, and cancelling some contracts soon. Was initially thinking I'll only get to the end of the process around December, but it seems I might be in Canada by then.
  22. Good day fellow forum members. Would like some information from those of you that might have something to share. To make a long story short. I am in the process of registering on the Express entry program and getting all documents in order and trying to determine what hurdles I could potentially face and sorting them out before I need to resolve problems when I have a limited number of time e.g.. 90 days to submit application etc. Problem background - Since I want to potentially immigrate I am getting all my ducks in a row or at least I am trying. I however realised that I have an outstanding balance at SARS of about R2500, this is not a problem and I will pay. I however still need to submit two tax return IRP5 documents from 2011 and 2013 respectively. Now I don't know why that was not done either I was sleeping or the company had been sleeping but none the less that is my situation, and to complicated matters even more...The company where I am supposed to get those IRP5's presently so that I can submit them to SARS had been closed and does no longer exist. I need to get this sorted, not only because I want to immigrate but obviously being in good standing with SARS is non negotiable. Questions : 1.) Any input, tips or help as to how about I will be able to "fix" my situation. 2.) Will at any point in the express entry process or the Application for permanent residency it influence my chance of being approved if I have not submitted all my information to SARS? Will CIC require IRP5's or proof of good standing to SARS or any such thing? Regards
  23. Chris_K

    Recruiter to assist LMIA

    Hi All. Just got our application in about a month ago. It seems I am considered too old... And here I thought 44 was still spring chicken. LOL... So my points are 375, so it looks like I need a job offer to make the grade. I am a senior IT professional with over 18 years experience. I would really appreciate some help in finding a recruiter that might have clients that are prepared to do the LMIA and hopefully make an offer.
  24. Coll


    Hi We are now busy getting our ducks in a row and will start applying as soon as we do our IELTS. Eek cannot believe we are actually doing this!!!! Anyway, I've got a few questions that I'm hoping you can help me with as I qualify for the express entry. I've looked at the CRS criteria and am trying to gauge how many points I can get and I've got a few queries: Section A - Core/Human capital factors - level of education - I have a bachelors degree in Accounting under ACCA and I've got a 3 year diploma in AAT as well as a year diploma in Business Computing. Would I qualify for the 'Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. One must be for a program of three or more years'? Section B - Spouse Common Law Factors - My husband studied for a diploma in Clothing technology for 3 years after school but was one subject short of getting his diploma. We have all his papers and exam scores but unfortunately no diploma. Would he still be able to get a score of 7? He also studied for CIPC but only did 2 papers. Does this help his score? Section C - Skills Transferability factors - I have a bachelors degree in Accounting under ACCA and I've got a 3 year diploma in AAT as well as a year diploma in Business Computing. Would I qualify for the 'Two or more post-secondary program credentials AND at least one of these credentials was issued on completion of a post-secondary program of three years or longer' at either 25 or 50 points depending on my score for IELTS? What is the average score most have got for the IELTS? Would it be a long stretch to assume that if I practice and study for the exam that I could possibly get a CLB 10 or more for the IELTS? Any helpful tips on how to pass with flying colours? Rddm2017 - What is a WES? If I get a score of between 401-439 depending on the answers above. How long can I expect to wait? Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  25. CIC has released a CRS Score Distribution of EE Candidates as of March 29, 2017. This is a great read as to how many people are still in the EE pool and if you know your score, you can sort of see where you are and maybe how long the wait is still if the draw continues to happen every 2 weeks. Of course, there are always new applicants going into the pool. If we take the number of invitees that was drawn today (3753) out of below numbers and assume that all candidates above 431 was invited: 3753 - 124 - 422 - 137 -1927 = 1143 difference (rough number of new applicants that joined the pool in a week's time (March 29 - April 5). If we assume that no new applicants join the pool (highly unlikely but we can dream), it will take about 3 more draws to get the EE score down to 400. Anyways, this is just interesting read and discussion. I'll let you guys mull it over.