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Found 16 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Myself and fiance are looking for data science job opportunities in Toronto, ON. We are both PR's and will be moving end of June 2018. Are there any ex South Africans out there working in this sector? We both have Master's degrees in statistics, applied mathematics and information technology. Do you think we have a good chance of finding jobs relatively easily given our credentials?
  2. tanchett

    Landing in Toronto: July 2018

    Hi everyone We landed in Toronto on Thursday and I wanted to share our experience with you before I forget anything. I’m typing this on my phone so it may be structured weirdly - apologies for that. We will be here for a week, after which we’ll head home to tie up all loose ends before heading back. We flew SAA to New York, where we spent a few days before flying AirCanada to Toronto. This didn’t add any extra admin to our trip and we weren’t asked anything about Canada when entering or leaving New York. Planning: Based on everything we read here and on Facebook, we carried the following with us: - Proof of funds (We used my provident fund as our proof of funds when we did our application. Because we are returning back to SA after this trip, I have not yet resigned and none of that money is available to me yet. For proof of funds, we carried copies of the tables and calculations we used for our initial application, and updated tables to reflect June dates). - Unabridged birth certificates for myself, my husband and my son (we were asked for my son’s in SA a few times but otherwise, none of these were asked for) - A detailed goods to follow and goods accompanying list. We did two separate lists in excel and brought three copies of each. The lists included the serial numbers for all electronic devices and approximate values in CAD for everything. Arrival: After landing, there are two lines available for you to join. One is for ‘Canadian and US passport holders and Permanent Residents’ and the other is for ‘All other passport holders’. We were directed to the ‘All other passport holders’ line. As the line is quite long, it took us about 25mins to get to a counter. The guy at the counter was approachable enough and immediately warmed up to us once he saw our COPR papers. He asked why we chose Canada, whether we’d visited before and then spent some time telling us all about the infamous Canadian winter. All in all, this was a quick and painless first stop. We were then directed to the Immigration section. Our flight arrived at 7am - I’m not sure if it was because of the early hour, but the line at immigration was very long. We spent about 40mins waiting in line before getting to a counter. From watching others at the counters while in line it’s clear that your experience is dependent on the immigration officer you get on the day. We were super lucky to be assisted by a really friendly lady. She checked our papers, asked for a Canadian address (we provided a friend’s) and asked how much money we have in cash. That was the extent of her questions. She didn’t ask anything about whether we’re going back to SA this trip, our goods to follow or our proof of funds. That being said, I’ve read many landing stories of people who have been asked these things, so it’s best to be prepared. We were ready to indicate that this was just an activation trip if we were asked, but no one did. We waited about ten minutes for her to process our documents and were then directed to the section for SIN numbers, a short walk away. As she said goodbye, she wished us luck and said ‘Welcome to Canada’ - it was at that point that it began to really sink in for us - after all this time, we were finally here. On the way to the SIN section we had to stop at a desk where we were handed a booklet with helpful info for newcomers. The two people at this desk were also very friendly and welcoming. At the SIN section, we had to fill out two short forms for my husband and I asking for our names, our parent’s names and surnames (both mother and father) and our address in Canada. There was no line here and we were helped almost immediately. The guy helping us was very helpful, gave us lots of advice and welcomed us to our new home. We received our SIN numbers within about ten minutes and then headed off to the baggage claim area to collect our bags. Once we had our bags, we had to head through customs. Here, we were asked for our goods to follow list. We were told that the goods accompanying list isn’t needed. We weren’t asked any questions about our lists - the guy glanced at them, filled in a form and within a few minutes, we were done. Because the immigration section was quite busy, I’d say the whole process took us about two hours. We’re now taking in all Toronto has to offer and loving every minute of it. Everyone we’ve met has been super friendly and we can’t wait to start our lives here. I hope this info helps anyone arriving soon🇨🇦🇨🇦
  3. Hi mense, My BF and I are landing in March in Toronto. We don't yet have employment to centre our location around so we would like to ask if anyone can recommend any suburbs to stay in and why. Thank you so much for your input.
  4. Hi, We are looking to buy a small space in a container to Toronto. We will probably have about 4-5 crates (110 liter), nothing else. Air and Ship transport are both quite expensive for such a small amount of goods. We are not too concerned about when it arrives, as it is mostly sentimental items. We are flying to Toronto on 15 February, so we should be packed before then. Hoping someone still has space in their container...
  5. Hey all Was wondering whether there is anyone here that have made a move from Toronto to Vancouver, and whether you would like to share your experience in relation to the move, and comparing TO and Van? There is always a continuous search for quality of likfe, quality of family life, etc, and in a recent study published by Mercer, Vancouver was named as number 5 City in the world in relation to Quality of Life. Thanks!
  6. Johanndup


    Hi All Does any one have a contact for a good nanny for a reasonable price in mount pleasant west, Toronto? We need a nanny for two girls 4 and 6 for the 2nd week to end of August. All the summer camps in the area is full. Thanks Johann
  7. CilliersC

    The great trek - Part two

    My wife and I landed in Toronto four days ago, it's been a thrill of note and we absolutely (with rose coloured goggles) love this place! I decided to write down a small journal of what we've been up to in the hopes that it could help anyone in the slightest. Day One We arrived - it was the second leg of the 24 hour travel time and I won't lie, it's a long stretch from Dubai and it takes its toll on your body; Not on the flight itself, but a few days later the jet lag catches up to you... We were so relieved to have arrived, landing, customs, everything an absolute breeze - I cannot fathom how long it would take to sort everything out that we did in one afternoon, back in SA. The Service Canada systems were offline so we were given directions to the closest Service Canada to register for our SINs (Social insurance Number) Queue at the visitors side (on the right) when passing through immigration - your card will be marked with a pink border and the officials will use this as a cue to send you to a separate area where they welcome you as a new resident (the best words to hear: "Congratulations, you are now permanent residents!") Make sure your "goods to follow list" is completed and printed twice for Customs (which you queue at after going through Immigration) Taxis from the airport take credit cards, you really don't need cash at this point but there are multiple ATMs outside. Most taxis are on a flat rate varying between $50 - $70 if you're leaving the Mississauga boundry When booking accommodation, make sure you're in a good location, close to subway, bus routes, service ontario, service canada - check google maps for transit options. We are staying in North York - great area. We landed at 15:30 and we were out of the airport by 17:00 - right on time for the peak hour traffic - that evening we took a quick stroll in our neighbourhood, approximately three blocks from the Sheppard-Yonge station which would soon become our hub for getting anywhere. We couldn't believe how hot it was that day, approaching 35 degrees and humid, and that the sun only sets around 9PM; As if our senses hadn't taken enough pounding that day. :-) I can't believe this is where we live, this is our new home ... Had HERO CERTIFIED BURGERS for supper, our first meal in Canada, it cost CAD25 total eish! But they were massive... Day Two Woke up early so we can get our SINs sorted - without this you can't do anything else. We walked through the beautiful neighbourhood around the block to Service Canada. We could't believe it, but the cars actually WAIT for you to cross the road! Pedestrians have right of way, and everywhere we got to an intersection (stop street or not), the cars would actually stop and wait for us to cross :-) The streets are SUPER CLEAN, can't believe how clean everything is. Remember to take your PR landing papers with you everywhere you go. We were greeted by a friendly rep at Reception at Service Canada and sat in a queue for about 10 mins before our names were called. You give your PR landing papers and fill in a card and your details are captured and confirmed and viola, you have a SIN. Memorise your SIN and guard that SIN paper with your life :-) and have it wherever you go We then walked across the road to open bank accounts. We chose Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), simply because we compared the online banking services and it seems they have the most on offer online. The bank manager came to personally welcome us and we were assisted immediately. RBC went out of their way with friendly service and to explain everything to us so we can understand the differences in what we're used to with banks in SA. Again, you'll need your SIN and PR landing papers to open an account RBC has a 3 month period where new comers don't pay a monthly banking fee, after which your account is reviewed and you can change your banking plan to exactly what you need You'll also get a cheque book as Canada works with these a lot it seems (the book is ordered and you can collect/it's delivered) You get a temporary debit card for your cheque account and your credit card also gets delivered/you can collect We wanted to then go around the corner to register for the National Health Insurance scheme, but the lady at the bank advised that they need a proof of address per POST and that we could use our bank account that they would post to us, so when we get that per post we will go to Service Ontario for the health insurance cards. We headed to the nearest mall where we went directly to a Bell store to get Canadian SIM cards for our cell phones. Data is quite expensive here (about CAD20 per Gig) but at least you get family share plans where everyone shares the data You need your SINs and PR landing papers to get SIM cards/new cell phones We felt quite good that we managed to get so much done in only one day! Everything just works here. Day Three Explore explore explore like tourists! We walked about 15km in downtown just exploring and we haven't even seen a fraction of what is to see in this gorgeously amazing city! You can buy underground/subway train tokens at any subway. It's CAD2.90 per token which buys you one (one-way) ride There are only 4 lines in the subway - the main line is the yellow University Line that runs between Finch, Downtown, and Downsview areas. You can get a Subway Map anywhere The tokens you buy can also be used for any other TTC transport (Street car, busses) remember to take a transfer slip if you intend on hopping on a bus or streetcar after your subway ride or visa-versa Day Four In the morning of Day Four we headed to a local food festival at Dundas Square - The square reminded us of Times' Square in NY - very cool :-) We ate from a food truck called the Great Canadian Food Truck - we tried moose balls, Poutine and a peameal sandwhich - delicious! It cost CAD24 total Had amazing ice cream (massive sugar cone with a scoop of cherry cheesecake and cookies 'n cream) for CAD8 (so worth it! ;-) ) Pizza for supper was CAD30 eish! (two medium pizzas and two cold drinks) from Pizza Nova Day Five Did washing and cleaned our AirBnB apartment. Then decided to go buy groceries like we really live here; We took a bus to the nearest Carlo's No Frills after we compared prices and reviews on Yelp My wife bought all her cosmetics at Shoppers Drug Mart (she says it is exactly like a Clicks / Dischem and even got herself a loyalty card to build up shopper's points for discounts etc). She says the cosmetics are more expensive here than in SA example her Neutrogena face wash was on sale for CAD9.99 but back in SA normal price for this would be around R70 Carlo's No Frills is like a Pick 'n Pay - affordable and they very much look the same inside and offer the same groceries and fresh meats/fish/veg/fruit We bought four bags' worth of groceries for CAD100 (we thought it would be way more so we reckon it's good value for money, very much like Pick 'n Pay). Some things are a lot cheaper than in SA, for example spaghetti was on special for 79p and a pack of 16 x Nestle Still Waters was only CAD1.99 but other things are way more expensive All in all it's been an amazing week, we've seen a lot, explored a lot and we can't wait to see what else this city has in store for us!
  8. Hey guys, We're hoping to finalize our booking for accommodation for the month of July on Airbnb, in your experience what is a good area to form a base in terms of job interviews / sorting out landing admin & viewing potential apartments to rent for the first month upon arrival in Toronto? Thanks!
  9. DJ Oryx (bokbokstaanstyf)

    Robbie Wessels in Toronto (Oakville), Sat Oct 10!!!

    Robbie Wessels in Toronto!!! Saturday 10 October, 2015 at 06:30 PM local time Location: OE BANQUET HALL 2245 Spears Road, Oakville, Ontario LIGHT DINNER INCLUDED IN TICKETCASHBAR AVAILABLE AT VENUENO FOOD OR ALCOHOL WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE VENUEDoors will open from 18h30. Show starts at 19H30. Special prize for the best dressed “Springbok Supporter”We will be dancing after the show. Bring your friends for a great evening.Tickets are $60 and $70 ppTickets for children $40 per childBuy tickets HERE ACCOMMODATION Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites - Oakville. To recieve a discounted rate when booking please quote group code "AFR" or Book your room online using the discount code. You can also make reservations by phoning the hotel 905-847-1000, or toll free at 800-880-3188 Please support the people that support your Community. To buy tickets, follow this link:
  10. macdonlg

    Flight Network Operations Manager

    I am recruiting for a Flight Network Operations manager for a well known Aviation company. This company will pay for relocation from anywhere in the world. Please get in touch with me at 905 361 9645 or I have a full JD and will send it to relevant candidates upon request.
  11. MaryJane

    Pan Am / Parapan Am Games

    It's been in the news for a while now but I'd just like to share/sprinkle the Pan Am spirit around. This is for those who are going to be in Toronto in the coming months. If you have time, you might want to check out and see.... Pan Am Games - July 10 to 26 Parapan Am Games - August 7 - 15 Official site: "Whole world is watching us now... Let's give them something amazing."
  12. Braam & Sanelle Cronje

    ESDC Toronto LMIA Processing Time

    Hi all, As we all know ESDC advertises that Expedited LMIA's will be completed in only 10 days. My employers application for an Expedited application is now in its 18 th week. All they have to say for them self is that they have a back log. The agent managed to get the following information out of one of the officers at ESDC Toronto: It is taking them up to 5 days just to open the package; but nothing is actually done once it is opened other than a cursory look at the contents. At which time it is passed to data processing for input. It is taking 25 days to process payment and input data it into the database; albeit they admit that they are behind on this step. It then will take 8 weeks on average to make a decision once the data has been input to their system; noted again that due to the backlog this is not always maintained. So really the total process is 12 weeks average; but with the backlog it is taking up to 15 or more. Each office is different and we are seeing different time frames dependant on location. So good luck to the others out there just like me !
  13. Guest

    New member (well not really!)

    So I have been a member for over a month but haven't introduced myself as my partner (Wernerc) has already posted on the forums... But hello everyone Ash
  14. I am currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Going to be 42 in June, and want to relocate on my own to Toronto, Canada. I have worked uninterrupted in the Express Courier / Shipping - door to door courier industry for a period of 13 years ( the same boss too ). I work with DHL Express as one of our suppliers. Besides this, I have expertise of shipping to and in South Africa - especially If Courier companies in Canada are wanting to ship to South Africa.I have dealt with the some of the same companies in Johannesburg for as long as 10 to 13 years, looking after all their courier / shipping needs. I am seeking Job Sponsorship in this industry, and as mentioned in Toronto, Canada. Can anybody help or refer me please? Thanks, Bradley Kadish
  15. Hi guys I thought I'd share my first experience of Canada with you guys. Earlier this year - being the first two weeks of January - my myself and five other family members went to Visit Canada. Seven years back we'd applied to get in, so now was the window period where we had to fly over, in the middle of winter, and get our Visas stamped. The timing wasn't the most ideal, but on the other hand it would give us an idea what we were in for when the weather was at it's worst. My brother chose to stay there and find work. My brother and myself stayed in a student hostel called the Planet Traveler. If you are about 18-35 years of age and still have no family, staying at a hostel is a great experience, not to mention a good way to meet first time travellers. We stayed in Downtown Toronto (on College Street), where the people are friendly, the food is cheap (provided you shop around china town) and the city itself is safe...very safe. I recommend journeying to the Distillery District, it's a great touristy place of old Brickwork with a chocolate factory, local brewery, and other interesting trinkets. Coming from third-world South Africa, when venturing out of your house around 22h00 is enough to give you that third eye at the back of your head. The second thing was the public transport, was reasonable priced and efficient. I was rather amazed that the more I walked around I felt that the city was looking after me. One experience I remember fondly was around 04h00 (the jet-lag was still in our bones). My brother and myself roamed around the snow-blasted streets in search of a drink. After realising the laws - if I remember correctly after 0h00 - I think certain stores can't serve alcohol. Another more important issue, was the stamping of the Visa. They were stamped on January 1, 2013 so my question is: - How much time do I have left in SA before I move over? (I did hear something about spending two more years in and then a further three in Canada to get citizenship.) - How is this worked out? If someone could give me closure on this I know my time is running out, and I'd hate to miss out on being a Canadian citizen after around 7 years of waiting. Has anyone else had regrets, or feelings they'd like to share. My Parents didn't have such a glamorous time, since their kids (about 4 and 11) struggled to get use to the cold weather. They stayed in the entertainment area of Toronto, it a little more upperclass and people are less friendly (this was their impression, perhaps it was a combination of the cold?) Let me know your opinion, I'm intrigued Jonathan
  16. Canadanewbie

    Connect before you move

    I would like to connect with people who are about to embark on either a "Look and See" visit or have just received the good news and are starting to make the logistical decisions with regards to relocating. Many times I have sat back and wondered how I could have made this transition easier and wondered why it has taken me 2 years to finally feel human and more like me again. For some people it's easy for others it's along process. I don't believe their is a quick fix to the process, however I do believe that it can be made easier. However we as South Africans believe we have to conquer the world, by ourselves, when in hind sight, we could have just really listened to those that had been there, done that! Instead we argue, that "we know what we are doing" it won't happen to us, we know what we are doing" and then wonder why the hell it's so difficult! There is an easier way, talk to me and let us help. thanks