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    • vinceb
      Came here with a South African Queen size, with a frame of blackwood/yellow wood and loathe to get rid of it given the quality of the wood. However, obviously not in sync with North American sizes and when the time came to replace the mattress, what to do and so for years we did nothing. Then I discovered that the RV queen mattress is the same size as the South African queen and replacement was easy.
    • Cathleen
      The company I work for, who manufactures cylinders... hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and air cylinders, in the New Westminster area. (5 minute walk to skytrain.) We are currently looking to hire a shipper/receiver. Looking for someone who can operate a table saw and stand up table saw... for making crates and skids to ship out cylinders. Requirement: Ability to fiill out online waybills, print and scan. I will train that person myself.  Ideal job for a male as it is physically demanding, but all woman are definitely encouraged as I am currently the shipper as well as the manual lathe operator... help will always be given to you if asked. Looking for someone who can be creative but work safely. Please email your resume to: ***(please send a private message to the poster)****   Email: ***(please send a private message to the poster)**** for other questions.   Great people to work with, family owned company. Starting wage is $15 - $20 per hour.  7am  to  3:30pm. Thank you
    • Alexander
      Hi Mary Jane, Sorry for the late response and thanks as always for the helpful advice. I submitted my application mid-April and am still waiting to hear some news! I'll be able to start studying remotely, I just hope the visa goes through without any problems. Not sure if I should try book the medical exam now, or wait to receive the letter from immigration telling me to do the medical. I think I might need the letter from IRCC, as I requested a form related to my medical when submitting my application. I didn't submit a police clearance doc as I asked the university and read online that it normally isn't required for study permits. Thanks for the good wishes! 
    • Gdzilr
      That's amazing! I'm secretly optimistic, but not under the impression that it's going to be easy. So let's see. My language test has been booked for next week and the home affairs documentation is in process.
    • Reibtseb
      That's awesome and exciting! My first contact with a person in Canada via LinkedIn ended up being my boss for the last 3.5 years Sometimes things just work out.