Moncton, NB

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Hub City of the Maritimes!

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  1. Nuwe Lewe in New Brunswick!

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    • August20
      Hi All,  I am thinking about going the AIPP route. Please advise if anyone has been successful with this route?  How long does the process take before one can start applying for jobs?  Thanks
    • Deirdre
      We will be landing from SA in Vancouver soon (PR Family) Our first 3 x days will be in mandatory government hotel quarantine,  Thereafter the rest of the 11 x days will be self quarantine Can anyone advise on any accommodation in the Vancouver and surrounding areas? Hotels,guesthouses,Airbnb, plots or farms   Thanks  
    • Myusuf
      Hi Please update if there is any information on werk permit timelines Waiting 15weeks
    • Thermisto   Looks like they're busy with the applications submitted in July at the moment
    • Thermisto
      Hey, hope things are going well with everyone We got our invitation to apply on the 8th of July 2020, did our medicals on the 31st of July so they're expiring on the 30th of July 2021. We submitted our application on the 6th of October 2020. Our application would've been done by the 6th of April but as we know they're running late..  Looks like they're currently finalising applications submitted in July, so I expect our applications won't be done before September. What's the procedure to renew our medicals? Will they let us know?   Best regards, Bernard