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    • Reds
      Sample_of_Affidavit.pdf Hi Gerhard 1) Sorry, I am not sure about that one as I applied for my little girl so she didn't need fingerprints, but the South African Consulate site says the below, so I would imagine you send the envelope and request to them following the directions below: http://www.southafrica-canada.ca/regular-south-african-passports-c55-processing-fee/. I believe you may be able to pick one up, depending on their Covid restrictions, you may have to make an appointment, just be mindful of their opening times.   2) I used an ExpressPost envelope as that was requested for in the Child's Passport section, I chose A4, as we also applied that for retention of citizenship so I just went with that option. 3) For the affidavit, attached is the sample that I got off the Consulate website for our Citizenship Retention which had the exact same requirement, you have to fill it in, print it and take it with you to a Notary Public, who will witness you sign and notarize it, as it is a Sworn Declaration/Oath that you are taking. I would suggest that if you are doing this affidavit for a child, that both parents sign this. I created a version where I put in a place for my husband and I to sign, but the rest of the wording remained the same (aside from changing I to we, etc.)   I hope this helps!  
    • GerhardSA
      Hi Everyone. Hope you all are well.  I have a couple of questions and would very much like some opinions here as I cannot seem to find great information on the web.   1. When applying for the B-9 form (fingerprints), where to I send that envelop and request letter? Or, can I go to the Consulate-General in Toronto and pick it up there?  2. The return of passports envelope (self addressed), is there a specific size that should be ? Do I assume that I can submit this in person with my application for the passports.   3. I am applying for my kids as well as my own (so 3 passports) to be renewed. That "Notarized sworn affidavit stating that no other citizenship has been acquired" , can that just be me writing a letter indicating I have not applied for this (and one of these each for the kids passports), or does it need to be some sort of official document (not talking about that "BI 529 – Determination of citizenship" document that needs to be submitted as well.    Thanks Everyone
    • Carina
      Hi Everyone, We received our PR at the start of 2020 and activated in July 2020. With all the covid-craziness we decided to stay at our current jobs (in Seychelles). We are planning on settling permanently in Calgary towards the middle-end of 2022. Now for the curveball... I recently found out that I'm pregnant. Since we don't live in SA and considering our occupations, doing the child-sponsorship option is not really feasible for us and we're not keen on spending up to 2 months apart for this process. But we are also not able to move over now to have the baby in Canada due to ongoing training and responsibilities with our current employers. So our other option is going over temporarily and then coming back here until we can move over permanently. I've been looking at registering for Alberta Health, but seems you have to prove that you're a resident by giving some form of proof of address. Is there anyone here who was in a similar position and went to Canada specifically just to have a baby without staying there permanently afterwards? Hoping someone here had a similar situation and can give some insights!
    • Alexander
      Hi all, After two long years of attempts to get into Canada through PR and PNP draws, I eventually made it into Toronto last week as an international student! My passport expires in June 2023, but I would like to apply for a new one now, in order to be able to submit my application for a PGWP in August 2022, once my studies are over. The PGWP is only valid for the length of the passport's validity which is submitted with the application, so I hope it will be ready by August 2022. I've read in other posts on the forum that my existing passport, which has both a TRV and S-1 Visa, will still be valid until it expires even after I apply for a new passport which is a relief.  I'm based in downtown Toronto, and would prefer to be able to get everything done at the consulate itself if possible. I'm not sure what the current protocols are now with COVID-19 though. - Will the consulate in Toronto allow me to apply for a new passport more than one year in advance of its expiry date? - Do you know if it's possible to take all the necessary documents (originals and copies) to the consulate, and have them certified there?  - If not, where is the best place to certify documents in Toronto? - Can I get the B1-9 form at the consulate when I submit my other documents, have fingerprints done there, and submit it altogether then? Or must it be requested through an A4 envelope which is mailed to the consulate and then sent back to my home address? - Can I apply at the consulate in-person? Do appointments need to be made? - I am not married/divorced, so I presume there is no notarization which needs to happen with my application? - Anyone with experiences on recent time-frames? Thanks for the help - any tips or advice really appreciated!               
    • JohanR
      Hi Debby, I agree with Orion747 that LinkedIn does play a big part in how most organizations connect. When I started my search, LinkedIn and my network really contributed to me getting more chances to speak to someone. The one thing I found here is that a lot of organizations uses some form of AI to scan applications, so if you do not get the right key words in your application you do not even get close to speaking to a real person. This became very apparent to me when I applied for a position on a Saturday afternoon and got my note saying thanks for applying but sorry at 1am the Sunday morning. LinkedIn Premium gave me a lot of insights as to who is looking at your profile, how many applicants have already applied for a position (One job had over 2000 applicants😳), and how I ranked in terms of the prospects requirements. It also started recommending positions that aligned with my experience and location choices as they were created. Having a good LinkedIn profile also contributed to recruiters reaching out wanting to discuss opportunities without me even looking. I connected with a lot of folks in Canada as part of building out my profile. This included recruiters and HR folks as well. This at least put me on their radar. Some of those I have connect with here over the last 4 years have become good friends as well. When it comes to talking to agencies, they can be helpful, but it depends on how in demand your field is. The next thing is putting together that all important resume. Short sweet and to the point. And you must write it in such a way that you can easily change it to align to a position you are looking at in terms of key words. There are many examples online, and I am sure there are folks here that can also shed some light on that subject.  I see you listed your fields, in what field is you husband? Doing two searches and multiple directions is much better. Twice the reach.   As said above, keep at it. There is always a way.