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  2. Hey Guys! I'm already looking for work through several job sites, but its nice to know that there is a forum of understanding members looking out for each other. So just leaving this here in case one of you knows of something. I'm looking for work anywhere between Calgary and Medicine Hat, or within a 300km radius of Medicine Hat. I have already started the process of applying for a work permit in April, via an immigration consultant, and simply need an opportunity to get going. I'm a 30 year-old currently employed as an industrial technician, but have a history of dairy farm maintenance (including the implements, machines, pumps, and tractors), general building maintenance, IT support, auto-mechanical and auto-electrical, and of course the recent industrial experience of six years, which includes mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, robotics, and programming. I also have a knack for customer customer relations and regularly give certified training in robotics and plant equipment. I'd gladly forward my CV as well as references. Just PM me for details. Thanks for your consideration. Keep looking out for each other and keep safe. The Penguin
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  4. Orion747

    The big job-hunt - PLEASE HELP

    While I'm not an HR Professional, I deal with that function often in the realm of recruiting. LinkedIn seems to have gained a lot of traction in terms of job postings - I would definitely be setup there and have an automated job search setup there. Indeed also seems to be the current website of choice. Look into the designations popular here for HR Professionals - it will give you a leg up. Also look at CHRP events and functions in your intended area to network and gain access to those "unposted opportunities" COVID has been terrible for everyone - but the silver lining is that it has made remote work and remote interviewing for opportunities more accepted. Which might work to your advantage in your situation. I am seeing more 'country-wide' postings here in Canada on the premise of remote work. Keep trying - getting any sort of interview opportunities will help you perfect your approach to a "Canadian Interview" Good Luck
  5. It is has been a tremendous challenging 14 months for my husband and I, and I have to admit, we were way too optimistic when we started our endeavor to migrate with the purpose of immigrating. Nonetheless, the decision was definitely not made lightly. I am sure this is at least one mutual goal on this forum, and that is to ensure a better future for our children. We made the decision a month before the pandemic was announced. Our main aim was to obtain PR from within South Africa, but our dear friend Covid-19 made it extremely difficult to obtain an appointment to write the IELTS exam, I couldn't request for my qualifications, and wasn't able to follow the Express Entry route. We were redirected to apply for a study permit. I took my IELTS, but my IQAS validation was still in line to be processed, and we decided to give the study permit a go. The process took us 6 months ( December '20 to April '21 ). The process went along quite smoothly, but Toronto's PM was talking about closing borders during April and May, and study permits processes were even more delayed. We were given a deadline of 5 May to present the study permit, with an exception that we had until the 27th of May. We couldn't defer, lost our seat at George Brown, had to request for a refund, lost 1000 CAD , and then received the request to submit our passports about 3 weeks later. You can imagine this was very displeasing, but the very same day we got bad news, we also received good news. My IQAS report came back, and I could FINALLY open my Express Entry Profile. My CRS is fairly low, ( 320) but we are still awaiting my husbands qualification vetting and IELTS results, and I am preparing for the French Proficiency test. I am actively applying to all relevant jobs, have received a few invitations. I know this is also going to take quite some time before I am successful, but I would be so grateful for any insight on how to make this process less daunting as it is. Please can you share your job searching endeavours and success stories with me? Also if there are any Human Resources Professionals that successfully found a job from outside of Canada, I would love to get in touch with you, if you are willing to spare some pointers?
  6. PaulD

    Last Will & Testament

    Anyone probate their SA will? We don't have any assets in SA, but currently we only have a simple SA will, transferring what we have to spouses or kids. We probably need to do a new one here in Canada but for now wondering about process of just getting our SA one authenticted and validated for use here (the probate process)
  7. life-without-limits

    Braai/BBQ Grill Liners

    Vir die Suid-Afrikaanse braai-nasie van Kanada!! U vriendlike ondersteuning word waardeer. Did you ever open the BBQ lid only to discover that it was not cleaned the last time it was used! Annoying Right!!! A painful sight especially when you are ready for action! Shiny Innovations takes the hassle out of barbecuing. You will never have to clean your grate again! Just slap on a liner and you're ready to BBQ! After use, discard the liner... Voila! Shiny Innovations disposable liners are extremely versatile and convenient especially for use on those nasty public grills such as in condos, rental cottages, parks and campgrounds...after all, who knows what was on those grates before! Our hygienic liners protect you from harmful germs, rust and carbonized surfaces. A great healthy choice because some liners do not drain fat away but with the Shiny Innovations disposable liner, fat drains away easily leaving a healthier meal to enjoy. Our product is available on Amazon :) USA: Canada: Follow and 'like us' on social media: Youtube Facebook Tiktok Instagram Baie baie dankie! Groete, Stewart
  8. Hello everyone! I graduated in 2001 and the college was merged into a university. This university sent a confirmation of award letter to WES, but they don't have record of my transcripts anymore... Has anyone been through this?
  9. August20

    Pre-Immigration Work

    Hi All, I am thinking about going the AIPP route. Please advise if anyone has been successful with this route? How long does the process take before one can start applying for jobs? Thanks
  10. Deirdre


    We will be landing from SA in Vancouver soon (PR Family) Our first 3 x days will be in mandatory government hotel quarantine, Thereafter the rest of the 11 x days will be self quarantine Can anyone advise on any accommodation in the Vancouver and surrounding areas? Hotels,guesthouses,Airbnb, plots or farms Thanks
  11. Myusuf

    Work permit processing

    Hi Please update if there is any information on werk permit timelines Waiting 15weeks
  12. Thermisto

    2020 applications Looks like they're busy with the applications submitted in July at the moment
  13. Thermisto

    Medicals about to expire

    Hey, hope things are going well with everyone We got our invitation to apply on the 8th of July 2020, did our medicals on the 31st of July so they're expiring on the 30th of July 2021. We submitted our application on the 6th of October 2020. Our application would've been done by the 6th of April but as we know they're running late.. Looks like they're currently finalising applications submitted in July, so I expect our applications won't be done before September. What's the procedure to renew our medicals? Will they let us know? Best regards, Bernard
  14. GeneeP

    Newbie immigration links

    Hi everyone! I'm currently in the EE pool with 442 points... it seems like my only hope is to get a job offer, but I've been advised here that that is extremely difficult to accomplish, especially if you're not a critical skill (I'm not). I was wondering if there is any point in getting help from an immigration agency regarding this? Or is there only so much they can do? Are there any recruitment agencies that you can recommend? Are recruitment agencies usually occupation-specific? I also find the 'Job Bank' quite overwhelming/not sure how to optimize this resource? Any advice much appreciated, thanks!
  15. Hi everyone! I am currently in the EE pool (for my second year), but hovering at 442 points. It seems that my only hope is a job offer, but I've been advised before that getting a job offer from SA is very very difficult, especially if you are not in a critical skill occupation (I'm not). Are there any recruitment agencies or immigration law firms that could help me? Any advice is much appreciated!! Thanks very much Genee
  16. JDP29

    Our Journey Step by Step EE FSW

    It's been almost 5 months since my last update, which was the adventure of giving our biometrics, and man, has been a confusing 5 months. If you read the journey so far, you will have seen that things went pretty seamlessly up until giving our biometrics. We were on track for the timeline we had given ourselves. We knew there were going to be some delays due to covid, but not as drastic as absolutely zero processing of Outland PR applications. We had planned to be there by the end of May, starting our new lives, but alas we sit in Durban, still waiting. We have ordered 2 sets of GCMS notes, and the latest set which came last week, still state that our file was last touched in January, and that so far: Eligibility not started Security not started Info Sharing Complete Criminality Passed So we are going to order another set again hoping something has changed in the past 6 weeks since our last order. But I fear it will be the same. But looking for positives, the Vaccine rollout in Canada looks like it has started gaining good momentum and estimates have 75% vaccinated by August/Septemeber, so in my wishful thinking, I'm hoping they start finalising applications sooner, and holding onto the COPR until they allow travel. The other positive thing is that IRCC wouldn't have received many applications from June to Sep 2020 due to them freezing any draws, so that should free up some processing space in the next couple months as well. It's hard not knowing about what the next year looks like, what to do with our home etc. but in the grander scheme of things, if it's another 6 months to wait, then so be it, because in a year or 2 of being in Canada, all would have been forgotten. Good luck to everyone caught in limbo, hang in there, look for the small positives, because even though you're waiting for the unknown, you are still making fantastic choices for your lives in the long term.
  17. vinceb

    The definitive answer on bed-sizes

    Came here with a South African Queen size, with a frame of blackwood/yellow wood and loathe to get rid of it given the quality of the wood. However, obviously not in sync with North American sizes and when the time came to replace the mattress, what to do and so for years we did nothing. Then I discovered that the RV queen mattress is the same size as the South African queen and replacement was easy.
  18. The company I work for, who manufactures cylinders... hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and air cylinders, in the New Westminster area. (5 minute walk to skytrain.) We are currently looking to hire a shipper/receiver. Looking for someone who can operate a table saw and stand up table saw... for making crates and skids to ship out cylinders. Requirement: Ability to fiill out online waybills, print and scan. I will train that person myself. Ideal job for a male as it is physically demanding, but all woman are definitely encouraged as I am currently the shipper as well as the manual lathe operator... help will always be given to you if asked. Looking for someone who can be creative but work safely. Please email your resume to: ***(please send a private message to the poster)**** Email: ***(please send a private message to the poster)**** for other questions. Great people to work with, family owned company. Starting wage is $15 - $20 per hour. 7am to 3:30pm. Thank you
  19. Alexander

    Study Permit Application

    Hi Mary Jane, Sorry for the late response and thanks as always for the helpful advice. I submitted my application mid-April and am still waiting to hear some news! I'll be able to start studying remotely, I just hope the visa goes through without any problems. Not sure if I should try book the medical exam now, or wait to receive the letter from immigration telling me to do the medical. I think I might need the letter from IRCC, as I requested a form related to my medical when submitting my application. I didn't submit a police clearance doc as I asked the university and read online that it normally isn't required for study permits. Thanks for the good wishes!
  20. Gdzilr

    Butchers in CA

    That's amazing! I'm secretly optimistic, but not under the impression that it's going to be easy. So let's see. My language test has been booked for next week and the home affairs documentation is in process.
  21. Reibtseb

    Butchers in CA

    That's awesome and exciting! My first contact with a person in Canada via LinkedIn ended up being my boss for the last 3.5 years Sometimes things just work out.
  22. Gdzilr

    Butchers in CA

    Hi Everyone After many years of discussions and threats to leave South Africa and attempts to go to just about all the countries that South Africans go to I've come to the point where the proverbial trigger needs to be pulled and Canada is now my final attempt at emigrating. I'm a butcher by trade and I currently work for myself (I own a training business for butchers) and I have recently come to realise that there is an insane demand for butchers in CA. The penny finally dropped when I spoke to an immigration consultant who commented on something I posted on Facebook. At the same time I decided to apply for a butcher job in an attempt to start having conversations with potential employers and to start doing some research of the job market. That same employer showed interest in me and we had a subsequent 10 minute call within 24 hours of me applying. The call lasted almost 45 minutes, plus they are keen to have a formal interview. I was gobsmacked. In fact, I still am. With 20 years experience, I am absolutely unemployable in South Africa, but mean a lot to someone who's literally on the other side of the world! If something will come from it, great. I've been on and off emigrating for so long, that another disappointment will really not make a difference. I'm about to make a booking for the language test, I'm getting the kids' passports sorted out plus all the other necessary documentation. It brings my to the actual point of my post - Are there any butchers who have made the jump from South Africa to Canada? If so, please hit me up. I'd love to have a chat. I'm not going to open my own business - I'm happy to work for a boss and replace my entrepreneurial stress with emigration stress. Hannes
  23. Hana

    Anyone working at coca cola canada?

    Hi @ Mary Jane I have invited two people on LinkedIn, from Coke in order to ask the questions I have but they have not accepted.
  24. MaryJane

    Anyone working at coca cola canada?

    Hey @Hana Wouldn't reaching out through LinkedIn work as well? I'm sure you've already thought about this, but just throwing it out there as a suggestion. Good luck!
  25. MaryJane

    Death certificate

    @tanchett I am so sorry to hear this news. As best I know, you are supposed to report overseas death at the Consulate/High Commission and they will get the death certificate done. I googled and found this info on the Ottawa High Commission website: Hope this helps.
  26. Nelline

    Death certificate

    I am very sorry for your loss! Unfortunately I do not have answers for you.
  27. tanchett

    Death certificate

    Hi everyone. It is with a broken heart that I write that we lost my son to cancer in the early hours of Sunday morning. He fought long and hard and lived an amazing ten years until the cancer came. I am trying to wrap my head around all the admin that needs to be done. We are permanent residents of Canada but still citizens of South Africa. He will receive a death certificate here in Canada. Does anyone know if I have to contact SA Home Affairs to get a death certificate for South Africa? If so, do you know who to contact? Thank you
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