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Drivers licence

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Its all here in link below, but thought I'd tell a personal story.

Today I went to get a learners licence doing a "written" part of the test. (Victoria Park)

You need:

  • photo ID (passport,PRcard) glasses "spectacles" if you wear them
  • money (debit card) $125
  • Have read the "The Official Drivers Handbook" (Ontario)at least once.($14)

They have a graded licence system here, but you can trade in our "another country licence" to jump straight to being able to take your "real" drivers licence. So long as you have proof. (SA licence have a date issued on them). BUT today I was told I need to get it validated at SA high commission/consulate. (NOT ON THE WEBSITE) I could do the test it would just cost me more, and if I have the letter they will just add the experience on the computer database. Any help here anyone? How are a Consulate going to know anyway?

I chose to do the test anyway.


Queue.. they check you have the right docs, give you a ticket.(1min)

Wait... for you ticket to be called (15 min)

Goto counter, they fill in form, you do an eyes test, they take a mug shot, you pay and then the they stamp your hand and give you the forms to take the written test. (7 min)

Go to written test area (no queue)

Ask you to sign a form and they check your form and signature (maybe you swapped out in the 3 meter walk?)

I get asked "computer or paper test?"

I choose computer.(having not used a primative writing device for years)

I get sent to a computer terminal with some buttons. (hey I should have take the paper..they get chairs)

The machine goes into 5 min instruction lecture on how to use can do the test in english,french, spanish...chinese.

Machine has about 10 button... only 5 you going to use in test, unless you want help! or change language.

Multichoice question with photo/graphic samples of signs and scenes (brilliant if you still thinking keep left pass right still). choose 1,2,3 OR 4 press OK.

Right proceeds to next question

Wrong shows correct answer then it proceeds

40 to 60 questions. Road signs, road rules, handling car.

5-10 min later "Congratulation you have passed, please go and sit and wait for your name to be called"

Go and sit...1 called.

Man gives me temp licence paper

DONE, you will get your proper "learners licence" in 3-4 weeks in the mail.

What I liked:

  • NO BOOKING..walkin service.(when I phoned to make a booking they must have thought WEIRDO! :censored: )
  • The eye test machines are in good working order and EACH counter has one. (SA told me I need glasses but I took test at optometrist that asked why I was here you see fine)
  • They take photos.
  • Never had to use a pen other than to sign.
  • They mail your licence to you.
  • Total time approx 30 min

If there is a next time I want to challange myself and take the test on chinese or french :-P

questions ...what is advance on green :angry: and what was the stamp on the hand for?

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Dear Dizzy;

Questions ...what is advance on green and what was the stamp on the hand for?

What was the stamp on the hand for?

Its my understanding that Canada is sometimes referred to as the "big melting pot"; Thereby one finds individuals: immigrants, refugees, illegal aliens etc bringing with them past driving experiences, if any and reading and writing skills and/or computer skills somewhat different perhaps given the nature of the written driving or computer driving test had by Canada.

How do such individuals remedy such anticipated failure?

They send their friends or family or pay someone who possesses the Canadian experiences required above to sit the tests for them.

Finally: the stamp prevents or limits the possibility of fraud mentioned above as the MTO individual overlooking would be required to walk past those who are taking the exam/test and check for the applicable stamp of the day.

This is perhaps the new anticipated Canada where even the honour system practiced on the Go trains will be a thing of the past.

What is advance on green? Is this what you talking about?

I am no driving expert; my understanding is as follows: when facing a traffic signal (SA Robots) and the traffic signal facing you turns green and flashes simultaneously you have the right of way to proceed/advance (advance green), while the vehicles in the opposite direction will have red signal facing them.

I believe the purpose for advance green is to assist in traffic flow in certain high traffic areas periodically.

For further understanding please read the following:

See the applicable Statute and section below (FOR Ontario Only) see green

s.144 (13) A driver approaching a traffic control signal showing a circular flashing green indication or a solid or flashing left turn green arrow indication in conjunction with a circular green indication and facing the indication may, despite subsection 141 (5), proceed forward or turn left or right unless otherwise directed. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 144 (13).

Left turn, across path of approaching vehicle

s. 141 (5) No driver or operator of a vehicle in an intersection shall turn left across the path of a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction unless he or she has afforded a reasonable opportunity to the driver or operator of the approaching vehicle to avoid a collision. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 141 (5).

Green arrow

s. 144(14) Every driver approaching a traffic control signal showing one or more green arrow indications only or in combination with a circular red or circular amber indication and facing the indication may proceed only to follow the direction shown by the arrow. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 144 (14).

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In Ontario

Here is a link which explains, elaborates, defines Generally Speaking the Law in Ontario regarding drivers licences:

e_laws Ontario regulation 340 of 1994 - Drivers' licences

Examination of Drivers' licences

Highway Traffic Act sections 31 to 58.2 Emphasis on section 32

(Ps. This is the Law in Ontario on this day Feb 16, 2006. Therfore if you intent relying on its content check the e_laws website for updates)

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Website update which clears my other issue up

As of January 10, 2006 the Ministry of Transportation Ontario has revised the policy regarding crediting driving experience. This revision pertains to licenses presented from jurisdictions not having an exchange agreement with Ontario, and for those US States who are not accessible through our driver database.

To evidence driving experience, applicants must present written confirmation validating the authenticity of their driving experience from countries other than Canada, Canadian Forces-Europe, U.S.A*., Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain and Austria.

Written confirmation can include an original letter from the originating licensing agency, or from the Embassy, Consulate, or High Commissioner's offices representing the jurisdiction. The accompanying letter must be on official letter head and written in either English or French.

To comply with the ministry policy, applicants seeking to show proof of experience must provide validated evidence from the above mentioned authorities of:

The date first licensed.

Licence expiry date.

Class of licence.

That the licence was valid for the relevant period of time for the purposes of exchange and experience.

Inclusion of this information in the written confirmation letter will facilitate faster processing.

Faxes are not acceptable, only original letters will be accepted.

*Excludes Arizona, District of Columbia, Illinois, New Jersey and Vermont.

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