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Vancouver: Cocktail Party for Pamela Gien, Oct 28th

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This was forwarded on to me by Anna Zibarras. I will be including the below event in my newsletter, but am sending this out now so many people will get to hear about it and be able to show their support for this opportunity. Please show your support for this event, we can bring more artists of international calibre to our BEAUTIFUL city, for our own and our acquired Canadian friend's entertainment.

Please feel free to forward this on. - Adele Putter

Hi my dear South African - Canadians,

This is Anna........... contacting you again after a silence of at least 2 years.

This time I wish to offer you, the most tremendous opportunity of meeting Pamela Gien. Pamela, a world famous, Johannesburg born, playwright and performer, is visiting Vancouver. She brings with her "The Syringa Tree" now playing at the Vancouver Playhouse Theater,

Pamela has won the Obie Award for best Play 2001, the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance, the Outer Circle Critics Award for Outstanding Solo Performance, a Drama League Honor and a nomination for the John Gassner Playright Award and so on. The Play had it's World Premiere at ACT in Seattle. Pamela has since performed it in London, at the Royal National Theater in Londodn UK, in Toronto, in L.A. and in Boston.

For more information about Pamela and the Show please refer to the attachments.

As I was fortunate enough to attend her performance, which I absolutely loved, and was introduced to Pamela, by her wonderful sister, who is one of us, here, in Vancouver - Claire Snelgar,. I thought that it will be a brilliant idea to organise a function in Vancouver, in honor of Pamela. By doing so, it gives us all the opportunity to meet her and talk to her.

The date that has been selected for us, is Friday the 28th of October. I am trying to make arrangements for a cocktail Party or Dinner.

Can I please ask you for two 2 favors:

1- to send this e-mail of mine to your whole address book or to as many people as possible

2- The people who are interested in attending - let me know by e-mail so that I can notify them about time and place, which will depend on numbers.

I love you all and it will be soooooooooo nice to see you all again,


Anna Zibarras azibarras(at)

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