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I NEED ACTORS!!! Making a SHort Film for School AP

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Hey guys, I'm looking for some people who would like to act in my short film I'm submitting for my film School Application. The Actors would have to act for free and it will be shot over the period of 2 nights.

This could be something that maybe beneficial for people who are looking to take acting or theater in school.

There will be three parts 2 male parts and one female

For one of the male parts I'm looking for would be someone around the age (24-30), average build and a bit of a raspy voice

For the 2nd male part I'm looking for a bigger (or not) build, Able to be dark and mysterious.

For the Female part, age (18-22), slim build has a natural young look. Not afraid to act.


These are my ideal type of people for the part, but even if you don’t think you fit the description or age bracket Feel free to apply anyways.

Here’s how you apply,

Just Send an Email to Ray.lavers[at] with a picture if possible and any acting experience you have (not needed).Make sure to also include your contact information. From there I will be able to get in contact you and make Further Arrangements.

Thank you


Oh also I’m looking for anyone who would be kind enough to lend us a car for the shoot, I’m looking for an old Boat of a Car, The worse condition the better with good interior room. I don’t have very much money but I can give a little bit to whoever is willing to loan it to us.

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