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Ever wonder how many Youth SAns are out here?

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Name: Eileen

Location: Fort McMurray - but moving to Edmonton in September!

Age: 18

Grade: None! Just finished Grade 12, now I'm going to the UofA

From: Bloemfontein

Came here: July 2002

Hi, there are tons of South Africans up here! All our family friends are from SA. So we love to have a nice braai saamet hulle! (Okay if I throw in some Afrikaans?that's my language after all!)

I just graduated and am getting ready to go the Edmonton to attend the University of Alberta. Can't wait!

I really miss my friends from SA and I miss the weather. Dit word nogal baie koud hierso! Koudste wat ek al gesien het: -58 C!! En ek mis die see!!


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Howzit Okies,

This is my first post here but it looks like a nice forum.

Name: Graeme

Age: 17


Sports:Used to play Cricket for club but gave that up, I still play when I can, but winter seriously puts a damper on it.

Live where?: Calgary, Alberta

Lived where in SA: Jo-burg

Arrived: 24 Nov 2001

I keep in touch with friends still in SA but I don't know many South Africans here, anyone want to chat? Please feel free to contact me, I would love to chat. :D

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Hi.. i just discovered this website tonight and it's so awesome to know there's so many other people in Canada that goes through the same thing.

Name: Nadia Botha

Location in Canada: Dawson Creek, BC

Arrived in Canada: 25th Jan, 2005

Lived in SA: Paarl, Western Cape ..i saw there's some other people from Paarl too :D

Hobbies: Play guitar and sing, Soccer, Field hockey(used to anyway), sowing(making clothes),ect..

Well, i've only been living here for about 9 months now.. but at the moment i'm loving it (except for the cold)...eeek, this winter is going to be harsh on me! Ayway, at first i didnt like it here too much, one of the reasons because i came against my will although i knew it would be way better circumstances to live in everyday. The truth is, it isnt always easy.. but you learn how to adapt and to step out of your "comfort zone". My immigration to Canada has been a learning experience and a big eye-opener and i think you get alot out of it. I'm starting to love this country, although South Africa will always be my home and i will always miss it. But why would you want to live there and be scared of being raped or murdered or mugged every day,when you can live here and be free? This is the way life should be.. fearless. Im so thankful that i'm here and that i got the opportunity to see something other than what i'm used to.. i think all of us that are here are truly lucky.

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hey all, well my names sarah and i moved to canada with my family when i was pretty damn young. about 4 and a half. i have since visited home only once when i was 8 and i am now 16, turning 17 in 2 months. lucky for me ill be making my jounry to SA to see my family,old friends and home land very soon. my plane leaves vancouver on the 5th of july! i have never been this excited for anything in my entire life. super stoked i must say.

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Ingrid Brunkhorst Hurrell

We have two sons, aged 21 and 13 - don't think they will consider joining this forum as they are too busy with other stuff, lol...but I know they'd enjoy hearing from young people their age in our immediate area.

We're in the township of Langley, BC.

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Name: Rita

Age: 15 16 in 10 days! w00t


Sports:Volleyball, cross country running, basketball, tennis

Live where?: Red Deer, Alberta

Lived where in SA: Ceres, 1.5h from Cape Town

Lived in Canda for: Almost 4 years

What do I think about Canada? I love Canada, but it's just not the same as good ol' SA. I'm typing this in English because i don't know how many people who are going to read this can read afrikaans so..haha anyways Canada especially Red Deer is WAY too cold for my liking, but right now the weather is fantastic! The schools are definately not as high of a standard as in South Africa, but i enjoy it here. The people especially teens are different though..that's all i'm gonna say. haha anyaways it'd be fun to meet some more SA youth out here!

Rita :):)

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Age: 19

Live where: Neerlandia, Alberta(little more than an hour outside of Edmonton)

Used to live in: Bethal, Eastransvaal

Came to Canada: The start of November 2006

Hi Everyone!

I'm finally here on a workpermit! I just arrived from sunny South Africa so I'm freezing my but off here in Canada! :lol:


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