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Good day/evening All

I've been a silent observer in the group for a while now mainly because I wasn't ready to apply yet. I'm currently living in Namibia, married with 1 child. I'm five months away from finishing my BCOM at Regent Business School and I've been working in the telecommunications industry for the last 6 years. Just have a few things I want to ask before I kick start my journey. 

- Are there any Namibians on this platform that have gone through the process and have successfully relocated? If yes, how did you go about starting your application?
- For the rest of the members that already and is still going through the process, did you apply through a consultant or did you do everything yourself via the immigration website? 
- Are any of you familiar with consultant companies "Canada Abroad" and "Matrixvisa"? Are they reputable and have you used them yourselves or know of anyone that has made use of their service? I'm trying to figure out if going through a consultant/agent is really necessary or its doable on your own.
- Where would you advise a beginner to start? Should we (my husband and I) first take the IELTS, Police clearance and medicals and only worry about the funds for when we get accepted?
- For those of you that didn't go through a agent/consultant what was your overall cost more or less for the whole application process?

I would really appreciate it if anyone can guide me. I don't want to be all over the place and other people's experiences always prove to be helpful 🙂  

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  • Your first need to determine under which conditions you are eligible to emigrate. Without a degree or post high school diploma the chances are slim to emigrate without a job offer.
  • With one exception, employers must first advertised between 2-4 weeks to demonstrate no-one is available in Canada to do this work
  • You can submit an application for permanent residence if you are eligible,  on your own and you do not need a representative.
  • Today I informed a large number of people that I do not think they would be able to emigrate to Canada  as I do believe they will find work (sponsor)
  • Wait for passports, IELTS etc...first check if yo are even eligible and if so what are the underlaying conditions for such an application


Cobus Kriek




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Welcome to the forums @nadine.diniz!

For someone starting out, the Canada Immigration website should be good place to start:

I've been in Canada since 2012, did the application myself. This was, of course, before Express Entry so it's a little different from what most applicants are going through now. There are some similarities to the requirements so I can speak to some of them, but not all.

I've heard of both Canada Abroad and Matrixvisa, but since I DIY'd my application, I cannot comment on the services offered and delivered by either company. I know of people who've used one and the other. There are many reviews online (even here, if you type their names into the Search bar). There are many people who've done it through agents and equally as many who've done it themselves. There's a lot of reading involved if you want to do it yourself. There's a lot of asking as well. Using an agent is a personal choice.

IELTS and educational assessments are required to create a profile, so normally those are the first to be done. Funds should be ready. I always take it for granted that people have the necessary funds when they wish to immigrate, but it's not always the case. You have to be prepared. Once you have your profile and are in the pool, you can be invited anytime (especially if you get high points). Once you are invited, you have to show proof of funds.

Cobus is correct. You need to check if you are eligible first. If you click around the website above, there's a place where it asks you to check for eligibility. Do the questions and find out.

I don't remember our exact costs, but we spent between R25k to R35k without the agent. Again, this was from 2009/2010/2011 so quite a while back. To get a bit of perspective on how expensive everything has gotten: When I took the IELTS, I paid around R2,500. Nowadays a test will set you back around R4,500.

Hope this helps you to get your start! Good luck!

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Posted (edited)

Hi Nadine

I am from Windhoek, Namibia too and very much at the early stage of my immigration. Personally, I see the process as straightforward, so I chose to go at it myself (principle applicant).

I initiated the process by getting the education credential assessment done via WES (this was last year September 2019). That’s now done. Next thing in line is to complete the IELTS General exam via the British Council in Windhoek. But, now due to COVID and social distancing rules, I couldn’t really complete that process, so I’ll have to wait until they open again to take the exam.
After obtaining my IELTS results, I will then complete an Express Entry profile to get into the pool, and wait for an ITA. At the same time, I will register on job bank whiles waiting in the pool.

While waiting to get an ITA, I will be preparing all the required documents: police clearance certificates, common law partner proofs, proof of funds, medical check ups, etc.

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