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Criminals Never Miss an Opportunity...

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And in sunny SA.....

Coronavirus scam: The Reserve Bank isn't collecting your 'contaminated' banknotes

2020-03-18 18:15

The South African Reserve Bank suspects that criminals have been visiting South African homes and telling them to hand over banknotes in their possession, claiming the banknotes were contaminated with the coronavirus.

The creativity of the South African Criminal is astounding !    Never in my wildest dreams would I have come up with this one, I feel ashamed.  I'm paid to think.  

Tonight I am going to my neighbours to tell them that the Canadian Reserve Bank is collecting all notes that are contaminated... I'll include credit and debit cards and ask for the codes to allow us (the bank) to transfer the funds to their new cards, which, of course I'll deliver in a few days....:ph34r:

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