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Renting - what are the norms

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Hi all,

We are moving to Kelowna / Vernon in May. We activated and received our PR cards over December.

While closing up things here in SA we are trying to plan accommodation for Canada and are surprised by rental prices (a little of a reality check...). I hope this forum will be able to confirm some of my suspicions.

  1. What is the average rental for a 4 person house (kids are 2 and 4)? The price seems to be between 2500 CAD- 3500 CAD? (assuming we want to move to a "good" area and not stay in a mobile home) This was more expensive than we realized.
  2. How hard is it to find rentals that allow large pets? They seem to exist, but most want small dogs or cats only.
  3. Most rentals seem to want you to sign for 1 year, we are not seeing that many offering 3-4 months, is this the norm.

Our plans have previously been the following

  • Rent an AirBnB for the first few weeks (so we can find a nice rental and be present to see it)
  • Rent a short term (4 month) furnished rental (while we wait for our goods to ship and determine our best place to live)
  • Rent a long term (1 year) unfurnished rental
  • Buy (if we can afford and it make sense)

Has anyone had success with the above plan, I would love to hear your thoughts. We are happy to adjust them to fit the Canadian norms. Though we do not want to live in an unfurnished house without our stuff, and does it make sense to store it for 9 months till the lease runs out?


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Hi @fry

First off, I just want to highlight that I’m not from Kelowna and that part of Canada but want to confirm some suspicions.

The rentals that you quoted sounds just about right. This is for a decent size house. The terms are normally a one year lease upon signing. Very rare to find anything less than 12 months.

Your plan could work, very similar to most plans. How about a longer term at the AirBNB? Totally take the “living in a furnished house” out of the equation. Not sure how soon/long the shipping is going to take, but if less than 4-6 months, maybe better to just stay out in the AirBNB and go into the one year lease rental of the unfurnished house. Just throwing this out there as a minor alternative.

Anyway, as it stands, your plan could work or rather you will make it work.

Have a safe trip.

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Different Provinces and areas and cities all have different prices. On the East Coast we found a beautiful 4 bed house (we had 3 medium - large dogs) which we rented for 2 years for $1200 per month, before buying our own. In a very upmarket suburb. My friend moved here Sep/Oct last year with two large dogs (Malamute and Husky) and found a rural property for (I stand to be corrected) about $1000 per month. 

For the areas you're looking at I'd say your prices sound about right

Here's the advice I gave someone recently - yes, do the "short term accommodation" thing for a month, but it's very expensive. Furnished properties are likely to be very expensive too, plus you'd find it hard to find somewhere which will allow dogs. Unfurnished is definitely the way to go and you may need to look outside of town (due to the dogs) - go to places like Habitat For Humanity and kit out the rental with the very basics, then you "camp" until your goods arrive.

I found Kijiji to be most helpful in looking for rentals

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