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Mineral Exploration/Mining Related Query

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Evening all (Afternoon to those in Canada),


I'm currently in the EE pool with 459 points (will lose 5 points mid-March).

Given the current CRS cut-off, which is primarily being driven by the PNPs, I feel that I will not be selected.

PNPs offer no value, as my Noc Code 2113 (Geoscientist) isn't an in-demand profession. I have applied for all the free PNPs in the event that something changes.

The only other route I can think of is doing an MSc.

Has anyone here managed to get a job offer, exploration or mining, while still in ZAF? The companies I've applied to already thought that I was in Canada.

My wife is a teacher, who has a degree in Psychology, has the same situation with the PNPs.



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