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PNP process advice?

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Hi All

So I have done loads of reading and am still confused. So hubby gets very low points for EE when we do the calculations as he turns 48 this year so no points for his age.

  1. Do we apply for a PNP first and then try for EE?
  2. Can you submit PNP application to 2 different provinces at the same time and see which comes through first?
  3. Once you PNP is accepted what does that actually mean and give you? Would you still need to apply for a work permit ect?
  4. Does it help to secure a job first before applying for PNP?
  5. Husband is a heavy duty mechanic / mechanical engineer, would Alberta or BC be a better option job wise and availability?
  6. Does IELTS and trade assessments have to be done before applying for PNP? Or when does that all get done, as I know they expire after a period!

Thank you in advance :)

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Hello Heidi

So I have also been reading up on PNP as this would be our only option to emigrate. We are currently only waiting for my husbands IELTS Language test  which takes place on 13 Feb before I can open my EE profile. I currently receive regular newsletters from Deanne Acres Lans (Canada Abroad), and she has just posted on an overview of the process. See if you can register for their newsletters on the CANADA ABROAD website( To quickly answer some of your questions as best I know:

1.You create you EE profile first (for which you need Educational Credential Assessment(if applicable), Language test results and passports, i think) Google "how to create my EE profile - there are quite a few helpful videos that show you step - by-step. But I would suggest you know which type of visa you are applying for before you open your profile.

2.When creating your EE profile, it gives you the option to tick/select the province/s that you wish to live and work in. You can select more than one. For example: we will be selecting only Alberta because we feel it is a good fit for our "lifestyle".We have done some research to find out what the main industries are, taxes, housing and cost of living etc. and we visited there a year ago to "get a feel for the place".

3.Once you are contacted by the province/s you selected for PNP (they call you - you don't call them - in the case of Alberta and Ontario), they supply you with the forms you need to fill out. Each province handles their PNP differently, so if you know which province/s you want to select,you need to find out how the process works for that particular province.Beyond that I don't know. But applying for PNP through EE for a Permanent Residence Visa, does not require a job offer (if you qualify in all the different areas). Remember that the worker visa and permanent residence visa are two different visas, but in most cases both visa types require you to open an EE profile.

I was also confused by what type of visa we should apply for. I booked a Skype consultation with Deanne from Canada Abroad and she answered  a lot of my questions. Consider speaking to her first, because she will quickly be able to tell you which visa you should apply for when considering all your qualifications etc.

4.Apparently it increases your score  to have a job offer in any case. But if applying for a work permit  - you definitely need a  valid job offer (Labour Market Impact Assessment from employer attached to job offer)

5.Google "jobs/careers in demand for Canada". You will very likely see which province needs what - they seem to  update it quite regularly. Don't know if it reflects the reality though - maybe someone else on the forum can comment on that. Also worth mentioning is the NOC code for your job. When applying, they require you to enter your NOC code. These are codes that are assigned to every type of work. If you Google NOC codes, you will get info on that. When speaking to Deanne, it will also be helpful to have a general idea of which NOC codes apply to you. She will be able to help you better if you can give her that info. I find NOC codes a bit daunting and am still a bit apprehensive about opening my EE profile because the NOC codes descriptions overlap somewhat, and can seem a bit "gray" when describing the job. I will definitely have to get Deanne to help me to choose a NOC code when the time comes.

6. Your language test is needed to open your EE profile, and as far as I know, you also need a language test for work permit. The CLB (Canadian  Language Benchmark)  score differs for each type of visa, for example I (main applicant) needed a CLB 9 to be able to apply for the PR visa. My husband only needs a CLB 4 or 5. The IELTS Language test is valid for 2 years I think?

7.Trade assessments can only be done in Canada. For example, my husband is a qualified plumber in South Africa, but cannot have his qualification verified from here. He needs to physically be in Canada to "challenge "his trade (theory exam and practical exam). Apparently you have 2 chances to do this - but if you fail x2 - it's over (pass rate apparently 80%). I suppose then you have to start from scratch? We still have to research that in depth.


Hope that helped!

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