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Study permit and family

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Little miss sunshine

Hello everyone.

Please I need some guidance. I got admission in a College for a 2yrs programme. Applied in October 2019 for the January 6th start date. Included in my application is my oldest son (i have 2 other kids who are American Citizens, so indicated they would be going with me but they dont require a visa). I was denied based on work experience, employability of the course, purpose of visit to canada and immigration status in SA. My hubby will not be going with us.

I responded immediately showing i am PR holder in SA, have over 10yrs work experience, 2 being here in SA and explained how vital n broad the course can avail me of jobs here in SA.

I have not gotten a response to my second application  but honestly not optimistic about it. Although the course start date has passed (January 6th 2020), I have moved my start date to September 2020 and paid tuition for the first year.

My question is; in the even of another denial what do you propose I do?


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Hi Little miss sunshine

I'm sorry to hear that you were denied. My first work permit application was also denied. I was distraught. My second application was successful but more complicated. Perhaps cross that bridge when you get there. Even if it is denied again there is always hope.

What I did was to approach an immigration lawyer. Things got dramatically more expensive but the results spoke for itself.

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