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Eligibility Not Met

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My GCMS notes says my eligibility is not met due to a personal loan dropping my PoF below required minimum. The loan was taken early 2017 for renovations on my property.

When I submitted my application I showed all my accounts, home loan, car loan, personal loan for renovations, savings account, cheque account, etc. The whole lot. My savings account is 100% unencumbered and has enough money as per IRCC requirement. 

The officer recalculated our proof of funds but for some reason he/she/it deducted the loan amount from my savings account. This results in my available funds being lower than the IRCC requirement. 

My AOR is 28 May 2019 and I received my gcms notes end of August. I sold my property and paid off the personal loan in August so I sent through an update of PoF showing that the loan is fully paid and my property is sold after seeing the gcms notes. 

I passed my 6 month mark this week and I'm now wondering how long this is going to take? Any suggestions on how long it will take before a case officer looks at my file again and if he/she/it will take into account the PoF update that I've sent through via webform query? The last time my file was worked on was 18 July 2019.

I haven't received any refuse email from IRCC yet and phoned this week. The agent basically confirmed that the gcms notes status is still valid. 


Kind regards. 

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