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Study Permit Application

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Hi All,

Please help😁 Very new to this whole emigration story.

I'd like to apply for a study permit and my husband will then apply for an open work permit.  I will be the main applicant.

  • Do you have to have booked and paid for flights before you can apply for the study/work permit? I've had so many yes and no answers, I really don't know which advise to take.
  • Will my husband's open work permit only be valid for the duration of my study permit?
  • The CIC site says it takes 14 weeks for approval on a study permit.  Is this accurate?
  • Would anyone know if you are able to land in Canada one or two months before you are due to start the study program?
  • Does every South African have to do medicals - no matter how healthy they are? How long is the 'waiting list' for an appointment?  Have any South Africans managed to get away with not doing one?

Thanks for your help, I'm sure there are a few hundred more questions that need answering but these for now 😉

Thanks again



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