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We are activating our PR in middle of August.

Very excited and nervous. We are landing in Toronto for about 4 days and then flying back so a very short visit.

We were informed on Friday(06/07/2019) that our visas are ready for collection and we have 3 months to activate, which was a lot sooner then we expected.

We thought we will have at least a year to activate.

Few points for advice for the trip please.

1. I will be about 20 weeks pregnant with twins so not the best time to travel but we have to activate, any recommendations on health cover or insurance?

2. Will be travelling with a 2 year old as well, any flight advice?

3. Where to stay in Toronto, want to use Airbnb just not sure in which area to look at. We will probably not hire a car so will have to use public transport or walk where we need to go.

4. How effective is public transport? Any tips there?

5. any specific documentation we can do now? wanted to get a bank account but it looks like we will need a pay slip? Any thoughts?

6. if we have extra time what do you recommend we go see or do in Toronto?

We are planning our final move middle of next year.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Hello there and congrats on your PR.


You will be arriving hopefully during the peak of the summer weather, so expect hot and possibly reasonable humidity.. Think Durban in December so make sure you being pregnant have got ways to keep cool. We are unfortunately leaving Toronto for Ottawa at the end of June otherwise we could have helped.


1. If you are with discovery you should be covered for your international travel, just confirm with them. (We were covered for our first 3 months here through them). Not sure of the others..

2. Depending on the route, it may be a long flight for the little one. Our youngest was 7 when we came and we made sure to book the entire row of seats so she can climb over if she wanted. Other than a shot of Neurofen before we boarded, she was ok. 

3. There are some nice AirBnB's downtown, but with it being Summer holidays it may come at a premium. Anything on Lakeshore will be a bit of a walk. You may even find it more affordable to stay in a hotel?

4. Public transport works, although you will see some weird people. For downtown there is the subway, streetcars and taxi's. Quite convenient to move around.

5. We opened our bank accounts without a payslip. We did need an address through. Not sure how they work it if you dont have a permanent address.

6. Ripley's aquarium, CN tower, you can hopefully also take the train to Niagara (not sure which days they run)

Not sure if it helps much but it is a start



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Congrats @Wanjadt with PR.

I cannot really comment on your questions as I'm still in SA but I saw a similar question come up a day or 2 ago on one of the FB groups. The concern was raised about the unborn babies and their PR status as the person posting the question didn't seem to have made arrangements for their unborn children to be part of their PR application. So obviously once you guys land and activate it is great for you, your husband and 2 year old but I'm not sure how it works with unborn children.

Sorry I don't want to add stress, and possibly your stuff has been sorted but rather have you aware of this.

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JohnR and PhillipCX thank you very much we are doing the pajama dance!

Thank you JohnR for all the tips really appreciate it.

Yes that was my husband asking the question we are confirming today what the one guy said and I want to create a different thread regarding the pregnancy issue.

So far we could not confirm anywhere regarding the 3 years that you have to be in Canada before you can sponsor but we are busy making sure of it.


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