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NCA Application

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Hi everyone!

Your assistance herein will be much appreciated.

Regarding my application to NCA:

1.  I registered my articles under the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and wrote my admission exams under them.  However, I was admitted in Bloemfontein High Court and I'm practicing in the Free State.  Must I request my letter of Good Standing from the Law Society of the Northern Provinces of from the Law Society of the Free State? (I know the Law societies changed their names) and must the letter include my Exam certificates?

2.  Regarding my academic transcripts.  Do the NCA require the full descriptive version which entails a description of each subject and the mark that was obtained or would the "simple" version (setting out the subject and the mark only) suffice?

3.  Is it required that I send my IELTS test results too?


Any Info in respect of the above will be much appreciated!


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