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Melissa: New member looking for guidance

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Melissa Erasmus

Dear All

Thank you for accepting me on this Forum. I've prayed about this decision and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Reading through some of the material is quite daunting and somewhat overwhelming. I'm just getting started with the application process. I'm 35yrs old with 2 daughters aged 8 and 6. I'm a qualified pharmacist in South Africa with 10 years experience in the field. I am ready to make the move to Canada.

Please can you offer some guidance; where do I start? I'm a single parent; so I need to find out about child care and schools in safe areas. What areas to apply for and since I would like to work and live in Canada; what Visa should I apply for.

Look forward to hearing your feedback; and thank you for all assistance



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Hi Melissa,

I am going through the process myself with Express Entry (which is the easiest if your CRS points are approx >440).

I found this guide very helpful to outline the steps and explain all the acronyms: 

I would start by calculating your CRS score with:

Thats just my 2c, I am sure you will get some good advice on this forum. Good luck!

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Welcome Melissa!
It's really hard to give guidance when it's such a broad field - there are many many routes you can take but you need to do the homework. I know it can feel daunting and overwhelming but how do you eat an elephant - one bite at a time. Start with reading as much as possible, the post @pandaCat gave is a great place to start. Also, read read read on the CIC website:

Then, start asking questions as you go along. You'll get a much more detailed and VALUABLE response to more specific questions, rather than "what should I do?"

I'll offer a few more specific thoughts. Check your score for EE (guestimate what your IELTS will be for now) - if your score is close to or over 450, then go for that route. It may be worthwhile getting your EE profile set up anyway, even if your score is lower, as it opens the door to some of the PNP options. Look into the various PNP programmes (do a search for PNP on this forum and you'll find a lot of reading) and the AIPP - a programme set up by the Atlantic Provinces whereby a designated employer can give a foreign worker a job offer without needing an LMIA - this is a huge benefit. I recently posted a link which lists the various designated employees in NS, PE and NL. NB has not yet published their list. Here's the actual link:

Many South African prospective immigrants ask the question: "what are the safe areas" and the answer is: Canada is SAFE like you won't believe when you get here. There are obviously exceptions, inner Toronto for example, certain areas of Winnipeg... but for the most, in the suburbs especially, you won't believe how safe it is. We have no fences in our area at all, the odd house has a fenced in backyard for dogs but that's it...

I may be wrong but as a pharmacist I believe you'd be expected to gain some kind of "requalification" as I believe your qualification falls in a "regulated occupation"



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16 hours ago, Melissa Erasmus said:

Please can you offer some guidance; where do I start? I'm a single parent; so I need to find out about child care and schools in safe areas.

Initially I laughed when I read this thinking you were joking. Then I reminded myself just how different SA is to Canada. Nobody would ever consider such a question here. Just not a consideration at all. Hard to find a dangerous place here.  

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Worrying about where a good place might be is definitely the way a South African thinks :ph34r:💃 (For good reason).  There, It's a matter of survival, the 'worse' the area, the more likely one is to have a bad ending - 5 mins of YouTube will fill anyone in that is not sure what I mean - just look up "SA Hijack / Carjack" .

Canada is an extremely diverse country - it's almost like several countries in one.  Even the accents change as you go from East to West.  West is best they (the west like to say), or East is Chill they say on the other side, where their dialect is often rather different.  West is expensive, and East is affordable - or so I am told.  Central is somewhere in-between.  Manitoba has farms, Alberta oil. Saskatchewan has both.  British Columbia has mountains and natural beauty unlike anything you've likely seen.  Ontario is busy, the hub of most industries, Quebec is.... well different and French...., and the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island (PEI)) are ,as above, more affordable, more chilled and friendly and they have Potatoes by the dozen.  New Newfoundland  (pronounced "new FIN land"  - I have no idea why, but DON'T say it wrong!)and Labrador are large in area and somewhat colder (they promote tourism) - the cold Atlantic current flows past with icebergs, and hapless polar bears whom are victims of Globull warming - doomed to drift until their icebergs melt and the oceans rise.  (Did I really say "Whom?")

Ha!, They should make a movie like Polar-nado-bergi  (bergi's like in Capetown, savages of the mountain) with Tara Reid, just think how cool it might be if stranded polar-bears filled with globull-swarming rage poured down on drowning America and ate people for payback.  They could then poop carbon neutral pellets to save the world....  Hmm, wonder if Fox News would pick this one up?!  I think I'll twit it to them.....  If I'm sneaky, it's become an inter-fact and experts will get in on the deal and they will interview wise Greens.  There will be funding and parties and jets, and conventions and meetings and cabinets and IPCC's, "D's" and "E's".  Just think of all that money !!!  Woooohooo !

 I can't say I know much about the North West territories, except they pay really well, but are really expensive.  My dental hygienist (sound's cool eh?) told me she made  close to a million dollars working (no seriously)  there for a while - she didn't say how much she had left when she came back, but she told me she burst into tears when she saw the 401 again! It must have been ok, she bought a house (I kid you not) - on her own, perhaps a pharmacist might do well there?  Why doesn't everyone go there?  Well, it's cold and far - sort of the Canada people in SA visualise.  My teeth were never the same again,by the way, she scraped them away.

Like all countries, there are good and bad places, which are small spots in a big area.  The current government is doing it's best to increase the number of "bad" places, but they have a long way to go before their  (gov) ingenious-creations-of-diabolical-stupidity  (ICDS) grow to the point where they threaten many people. Now... if we could just cancel the PM's twitter account - it's a "twitter" account, because it seems "twit" comments seem to belt out of it like diarrhea from a bear with a bad stomach, could be a floating, stranded,  polar bear with carbon-di-poxide-bs- diarrhea.  

"Anyways..." (as they say here), with that in mind, you could throw a dart at the map, move where it lands and you'd be about 99.9999% likely to land in very safe area.   There may not be anybody there as most of the country is wilderness :D, but you'd be safe from the people baddies, polar bears - not so much - especially the angry ones.  You should re-throw it if it lands in Quebec, unless you speak French.

The cops here are great, they really do an excellent job.The emergency services are brilliant  - they are where you need them at the drop of a hat.  Bad things don't happen to the first responders (well not rape and theft and SA stuff), unless it's the 401 highway, in which case they sometimes get flattened by an inattentive driver - which is about 75% of the 401 drivers at any given time.... You know, Gotta check my "OMG likes" on FB, or get that urgent email out, or chat my BFF.... Or spin a bromance.

The cities are highly functional and you generally get good value for your Tax.  No chicken coups, or fire pool - well less anyway.  

However, ah, the "but" - poverty is where the bad stuff generally happens.  So, you want to move to a place where work ethic is favoured over Netflix couch ethic.  There is social welfare and there are plenty of parasites too.  When you arrive, you will very quickly pick up where you should not be.  It's really easy - the good places have people zooming about with purpose in their eyes, the bad places have hoodies with jeans about their ankles waddling like dopey-geese, and loitering around graffiti sprayed on things - a bit like dog pee on a fire hydrant, just less thoughtful and bigger.  People with meaningful jobs don't seem to waste their time spray painting things, unless, that's their job of course - and interestingly, you can make quite a good living painting - well, houses and stuff, or road markings, not glyphs on someone's wall .  Mind you, the road marking guys (sorry, people) seem to be a little drunk when they do the markings as they wander about the road in a kinda Snakey fashion.  Or perhaps, seeing as pot is legal, thanks Peter Pan, they are potted up a (climate change) storm, and doing the doobie-woobie-drive while manning (sorry peopling) the painter buggy???  No walking & ropes here - we drive our lines out.

Peter Pan Says: "Here in Canada, we prefer to say 'People Kind' " not "Man Kind". Because that's blatantly sexist, and Men are not kind, they are the "Tyrannical Patriarchy".  I apoloise for being a men (again).   I think I am a men, but I might be fluid too - I just haven't worked it out yet, I am what I think I feel like.  Perhaps I might be really fluid in the years to come as the final strokes of nature's malice see me age to tyrannical patriarchal drooling & incontinence .  I think I might have anger issues?  It's my moms fault.


That's Canada for you, Liberal to the teeth (Amazing they have not deported me already), Smug and cold - but a hell of a great place to live and an awesome place to raise PC kids.  By PC I don't mean "Particularly Cool"....  As a disgusting member of the "Tyrannical Patriarchy" I apologise in arrears (not from my rear...) for my bad ways and snarky fingers. It just happens; and I watch in horror as my carbon-finger-prints write this terrible stuff.....It's all a sign of carbon dioxide price on pollution of my brain, the concentration has gone super critical.  I have too much carbon in too little area.    

Seriously though, I really hope you figure out all the stuff you need - it's very daunting, but as Nelline said - you know the elephant thing, unlike me, she's genuine & kind and offers sooth advice!  

Sometimes people come on the forum and you feel sad for them as the odds are bad, but as a pharmacist, the odds are good - you go gurl !

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I decided to rely to myself, because, that's why....

If you want to remember Peter Pan's greatest moments, watch this - You'll never be the same again.  You might even start looking at Australia ! 

Peter Pan's Greatest Achievements

You too can be appalled, just click the link................ Even if you're a purveyor of Pan Love, a admirer of great hair, even a selfie snapper of foreign festivals..... a people kinder of mythological proportions...


Sorry Melissa - I'm a thread hijacker,  there's no hope, I am just bad. 


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Welcome to the forums and the beginning of your journey.

There's good information in the posts above, regarding the immigration process. 

I believe that Pharmacists are governed in each province, like every healthcare profession:

These two links should give you an idea on where to start regarding your qualifications. You will need to have it evaluated by some body like (WES) for instance, but start with the college that governs pharmacists in the province/s of your choice. They will tell you exactly which steps to follow and which is their preference, regarding transcript evaluations. It may be a lot of red tape, it may be tedious, but it will be worth it.

========================= Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Office of the Registrar

For information or to contact the Office of the Registrar:


phone: 416-962-4861 ext. 2243


Alberta College of Pharmacy
1100-8215 112 St. NW
Edmonton, AB   T6G 2C8
Tel: 780-990-0321
Toll free: 1-877-227-3838
Fax: 780-990-0328


These are only suggestions, each province will have it's own contact info. Hopefully this will give you an idea where to steer your google searches to.

Good luck!



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I wrote there in stead of their!
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