Standard Bank Account Fraud

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Hello all,

Some weird debit orders have been going through in my account for at least 6 months (Which is the max view from online banking). Anyway, somehow I noticed and contacted the bank from here (I left like a chunk in the account when I left 6 years ago). I was told they can only revert only for 40 days but if I want I can log a ticket with the fraud department. I said okay...but Only for me to get the email below from the bank


Good day


Please find reference number for our telephonic conversation.


Date:             04/12/2018

Time:            21:37

Reference:   xxxxxxx


Kindly note there is a fee for logging a request for a debiter's details. It is R30.26 per trace.


Please provide us with the go ahead if you agree with the fee applicable.



Kind regards
Olo Phuncu
Customer Contact Centre 
Do you get charged again for someone defrauding you?

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Do you have someone who can look at this for you in SA? Or even lock/freeze the account and buy a ticket tp go see what's up yourself. This letter raises huge red flags. The spelling of Debiter? and then the name, signed off and then the rest of the letter? Those are usually signs of potential fraud. It may not be the bank or someone at the bank defrauding you, but someone at Customer Service may be very happy with access now that they know you don't have a handle on things.

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