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PR Applications submitted August/September 2018

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Hi everyone

I am curious to know that the progress has been on PR applications (Express Entry) submitted in August/September 2018. Our timeline is as follows thus far:

27 July 2018: EE Profile submission

8 August 2018: ITA Received

23 August 2018: Medical exam and PR application submitted

29 August 2018: AOR received

13 September 2018: Application status update -> medicals passed

18 September 2018: Request for biometrics received

26 September 2018: Submission of biometrics

1 October 2018: Application status update -> biometrics complete

25 October 2018: Application status update -> Background check status - "We are processing your background check..."; Eligibility - "We are reviewing whether or not you meet the requirements"; Documentation - "Documentation received. No further documentation needed"; Interview - "No interview is required..."


Anyone with a similar timeline had any further progress?



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Andrew and Tash

Hi DocMartin

Our timeline is quite similar (AoR - 5th Aug, request for biometrics - 8th Sep, submission of biometrics - 13th Sep)

We've been stuck on IP2 since then and waiting for any feedback. Our application status still has a comment which says "we haven't received your biometrics..." even though it shows at the top right that biometrics were submitted on 13th Sep.

I mailed them to confirm that they had actually received them, received a reply back  but haven't heard anything further since then.

I see from MyImmiTracker that there are approx. 760 cases registered for August AoR, of which about 110 have received PPR.

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Thanks Andrew and Tash

I would imagine that, as long as your profile shows your biometric identifier number at the top, it is probably just their system which is slow to update your status. However, if your biometric identification number isn't on your profile, then perhaps bug the VFS centre again.

Seems that applications are moving slowly now...hopefully we'll hear something in December/Jan. I'll update this thread should I hear anything.

Best of luck guys!

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Hi! We are 12 September applicants :) 

Here is our timeline:

7 March: Applied for police clearance
3 March: IELTS test (Main: L: 9, R: 8.5, W: 7.5, S: 9.0. Overall: 8.5.  Spouse: L: 8.5, R: 9.0, W: 7.0, S: 8.5. Overall: 8.5)
2 April: Got Main applicant WES
2 April: Submitted EE profile with 435 points
16 April: Recieved Police Clearance Certificates
22 May: Spouse WES completed
22 May: Updated score to 437
8 August: letter of interest from Nova Scotia
16 August: Submitted paperwork to Nova Scotia
17 August: AOR from Nova Scotia
24 August: Nomination (added 600 points)
05 September: ITA
12 September: AOR for EE
10 October: Medicals passed & request for biometrics 
17 October: biometrics submitted and marked completed.
24 November: Ghost update
25 November: 2nd Ghost update


Ever hopeful for PPR before Christmas!


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