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Signing of IMM5604 - EX causes HEADACHE

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Is that anyone that can help.  

We are in the process of applying for our PR.  My daughter will accompany us and my ex has signed all documents required with a huge thank you for giving her the opportunity and even asking if he can contribute financially as he feels she will have a better future in Canada.   

My husband has a different story.    We want to include his 2 sons on our application, both have expressed that they want to stay in SA and first finish High School (the eldest is writing matrix in 2019 the youngest is currently Grade 8).  After finishing school the eldest then wishes to come to Canada.  By including them in our PR we want to provide them with an opportunity, should they wish to come to Canada until they are of the age 22.  Even visiting with a PR will in our opinion be mush easier.  Through all this they can not one day say we did not give them an opportunity.  According to the ex's attorney she is relinquishing any and all of her parental rights if she signs the IMM5604 thus the ex refuses to sign any documents, even the affidavits stating that she has full custody and refuses the children to leave the borders of SA.

Her attorney has now advised her to obtain a legal opinion but she is not making the upfront payment to obtain it and time is just passing with no end results.

Is there anyone that has had a similar situation or any advise.

We do not wish to waste our money that can be better utilised in Canada on court cases etc here in SA.

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