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Daddy's Girl

Help Required with work history and NOC code

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Daddy's Girl

Hi there

I really hope that there is someone who can help me. I am currently in the process of completing my application and will hopefully submit it this week (once my husband receives his academic assessment report from WES) 

Before we started this process I met with an immigration consultant to see if we were eligible to apply. During our consult I mentioned that my qualifications and area of work experience are not in the same field and she told me that this wasn't a problem. However under the work experience tab there is a field that asks me to enter the date when my qualification,  necessary in the NOC description, was completed. The NOC description says that a degree or diploma in business, marketing, public relations etc may be required. I do not have a qualification in that field. My job title is 'PR and communications' but my responsibilities are definitely not limited to this title. I received the job 6 yrs ago because I had a university qualification, great people skills, very confident and good with communication. My employer did not require a degree/diploma in public relations. 

If I put in the date I received my drama qualification and the NOC is 'public relations', is this going to cause incongruencies on my application. 

Would really appreciate some insight. 

(I have contacted the immigration consultant but due to high volumes she has not been able to respond yet) 

Thanks in advance

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I had a read-through on the minimum requirements to apply/qualify as a federal skilled worker under Express Entry and here's what the CIC says:


The minimum requirements for federal skilled workers are:

Skilled work experience
You must have at least one year, in the last ten years before you submit your electronic application for permanent residence, of continuous full-time work experience (or the equivalent in continuous part-time work) in a skilled occupation listed in Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B of the 2016 version of Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Language ability
You must show that you meet or exceed the language threshold of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 with test results from a IRCC-designated language testing organization.

You must provide either a Canadian educational credential or a foreign educational credential and an Educational Credential Assessment report from a designated agency to prove that your overseas diploma, degree or certificate is equivalent to a completed Canadian credential. (Points will be awarded based on the completed Canadian educational credential or the value of the foreign educational credential in Canadian standards.)

If you meet all the minimum requirements, we will assess your application based on the selection factors in the federal skilled worker points grid.

So the consultant is correct. I do not see that the requirements explicitly connect the education credential to the skilled work experience NOC.

On the skilled work experience, you need at least 1 year work experience in an occupation that is classified as Skill Type 0, A or B. You have 6 years and counting.

On the education, you need to prove that your credential is equivalent to a completed Canadian credential, and I'm assuming you have your WES (and that it is a Canadian equivalent).

Anyways, good luck on the journey! Hope this helps.

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Daddy's Girl

@MaryJane I so appreciate your response and for taking the time out to research and try and assist me!! Your comment is very helpful and puts me a little more at ease.

Thanks a million 

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