PR application taking longer than six months

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7 hours ago, IsabelE said:

The most frustrating part is not being able to plan for the future because everyting is so uncertain.


Good luck @Kitcat and @TarrynLeitch, I hope we get some good news soon!

Thanks @IsabelE, hope you hear something soon too!

You are so right about the frustration of not being able to plan - especially in our case with two little children. We are living in complete limbo at the moment and our medicals expire in early March so would be so great if we at least had some clarity on what’s going on so we can move forward.

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@Amy G - It was the average 6 month balance for each account. The letter was even approved by an immigration lawyer friend of mine which clearly didn't help at all haha! so just send bank statements to avoid the stress. 

@Eric N - If my application takes 12 months ill go mad! I wish they would just ask me to come for an interview, I am an open book. But this waiting in silence is terrible! When you got your PPR, I am sure it must have been extra worth the wait.

I know it sounds like such a cliche, but it definitely depends on the officer/ agent you get assigned to!

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