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So I have been absent from this forum for a while.  After 7 years of being in Canada, hubby and I finally got round to updating our will.  Interesting experience compared to creating one in SA.

Topics I thought were interesting:

1. The lawyer was intrigued by the fact that we were married with an Ante-Nuptual Contract.  That got us into a side conversation of married in community of property in SA

2. It is a standard question here to set up a financial Power of Attorney, as well as a medical Power of Attorney

3. The lawyer also asked if there would be an inheritance from South Africa and whether there are restrictions for us inheriting any money from SA.  Also, if we stipulated a beneficiary who lives in SA - would there be any restrictions in sending an inheritance across. Fortunately, we got SARB clearance for financial emigration, so this would not be a factor.

4. Types of wills - there is the usual will.  Then if you have your own company incorporated, there is a double will as an option.  then there are mirror wills.




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Interesting @Tracey22, yes we will have to get ours updated again soon too!

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